Tips for recording at home

Here you find useful tips for how to record videos without using the recording studios at campus.

Different types of recordings

  • Screen recordings via Powerpoint, Zoom or similar apps and programs
  • Webcam recordings ( KTH Play )
  • Recording of your live notes and drawings with smartphone or padlet ( read more and view tutorial )
  • Record during web meeting ( Zoom )
  • Combine live recording in Zoom with recording via smartphone or padlet.

Record a video with a smartphone

The video camera function in a smartphone generally provides better quality than recording with a webcam. If you're not used to handling the settings in a video camera, we recommend that you use the default settings in your smartphone.

Apps may provide more functions and setting options

If you want more functions, and perhaps more creative options and are used to working with video and photography, there are multiple editing apps - both free of charge and for purchasing.

Make sure that your smartphone can be connected to the services or platforms where you want to publish and edit your videos, for example, you need the Zoom-app to connect your smartphone to Zoom.

Smartphone correctly mounted to a Gorilla pod

When you record

Use the back camera on your phone, not the frontside “selfie” camera - it has better resolution and quality.

Mount your smartphone so you can shoot in landscape format (16:9 widescreen). If you can, use a mobile phone holder or stand, like a Gorilla pod shown above.

Avoid using the automatic zoom function, since it will disturb both the audio recording and the image quality. You can move the smartphone closer instead, until you have a good, sharp image.

If you want to record while you´re taking notes, drawing or sketching on a whiteboard or a paper, a smartphone comes in handy. You can also combine recording and live broadcast, or stream by using two cameras (smartphone and webcam, for example) at the same time. This can be done in both Zoom and KTH Play.

Combine board, paper and Zoom

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