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There are many different recording tools to choose from when creating instructional videos at KTH. The recommended recording tools are Kaltura Capture (free to use) and Camtasia (licensed software).

Kaltura Capture is suitable for shorter video segments and videos that don't need post production editing.

If the course material demands post production editing or continuous updating, the recommendation is to use the software Camtasia (licence cost needed).

Getting started with screen recording

How to use Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a simple tool for screen recording and presenter-in-frame by webcam. Since the only editing option is to trim the length of the recording, it’s mostly suitable to use for shorter video segments.

Kaltura Capture is free to use and is activated via KTH Play .

Choose “+ Add new” in the top menu and choose Kaltura Capture

The application starts immediately if Kaltura Capture is installed. If not, you will get a download link.

The application can be downloaded on any computer and no admin rights are necessary.

Quick guides for recording and editing in Kaltura

How to record film in Kaltura

How to edit film in Kaltura 


If you have created a video recording that need post production editing, the software Camtasia is preferred. It may require a steeper learning curve - but it allows you to update your videos and therefore use them in the long term instead of re-recording them. Camtasia is licensed per user  and costs 600 kr a year. Contact one of your school’s authorized purchasers  to order a license.

See Order IT Services  for more info

If you have a KTH Windows computer, the application will be installed after your approved order.

If you have a KTH Mac or a stand-alone computer, you will get a license key after your approved order. The software downloads directly from Techsmith .

Other recording options


Powerpoint presentations can be recorded and converted to video format. It’s stored locally and can be uploaded to your KTH Play media bin and then ready for publishing. More info on how to record your Powerpoint presentation


You can also record from Zoom .

Recording in lecture halls

KTH has on site lecture halls with recording equipment.


If you need support when using Kaltura Capture or Camtasia, contact

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