Video for learning

Using video in courses is becoming more common. You can produce your own movies specifically for your course or share other people's videos in your course. If you are curious about working with video, there are many options, ranging from recording in a studio with a tutorial, to live streaming and video conferencing.

KTH Play

KTH play is a media portal and recording tool that enables you to record, store and share video and audio. The KTH Play technical platform is Kaltura. Video from KTH Play can easily be embedded into Canvas, Polopoly, Wordpress or anywhere else on the web.
Read more about KTH Play .

Go directly to the guide on how to upload files in KTH Play and publish in Canvas (Canvas@KTH).

Tutorial in presentation design and video production

As a teacher, you can get a tutorial in a way that suits you and your course. For example:

  • Individual tutorial in video production of materials for your course.
  • Help customising your presentation material (usually PowerPoint) to what is appropriate for a teaching video.

Lecture theatres with recording

In lecture theatres Q1, U1, U61 and D31 you record your lecture yourself. The videos are stored in (Kaltura), which is also integrated with Canvas. Log in and then control how and where you want to publish your videos. If you manage the films through KTH Play, there is the possibility of cutting and making adjustments.

Read more about how to get started, booking lecture theatres, available equipment, support and online guides: lecture theatres with recording .


Do you need educational support or tips on how to use video in your courses? Do you need advice on choosing camera, microphones and more? Send an email to .

For questions related to technical support and KTH Play (for example, help with uploading files) please contact .