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Using video in your teaching

There are different ways to record and use videos in your teaching. You can record videos and publish from your smartphone, or use more advanced tools and apps for recording and editing. Here is a collection of solutions that KTH staff have access to, and tips on what to think about when it comes to recording.

Updated 11 January 2020

Status of system support for making accessible video

While waiting for KTH to come up with uniform instructions for teachers as content producers according to the DOS Act, E-learning will prepare instructions and manuals for how to work with captions ("subtitles) in KTH Play. The Lunch 'n' Learn webinar on 28/10 was about captioning video in KTH Play (swe) and the Lunch 'n' Learn webinar (in English) about captioning video in KTH Play was held 2/12 (KTH Play) . Read more about Status of system support for making accessible video  and Video captioning .

KTH Play

KTH play is a media portal and recording tool that enables you to record, store and share video and audio. The KTH Play technical platform is Kaltura. Video from KTH Play can easily be embedded into Canvas, Polopoly, Wordpress or anywhere else on the web.

About KTH Play (Kaltura)

Guides on how to to upload files in KTH Play and publish in Canvas (Canvas@KTH, external page)

Guidance in presentation design and video production

If you're a teacher at KTH you can get individual guidance in video production, or coaching in adapting your presentation material (for example PowerPoint) in a way that is suitable for the video format. If you're a group of teachers, or colleagues who want to develop video material useful for teaching, we can customise a webinar where your specific questions are addressed. Please send an e-mail to:  and mark your mail with "Video support".

Lecture theatres with recording

There are several possibilities to record your lectures/ teaching sessions in lecture theatres at campus. The videos are stored in (Kaltura), which is also integrated with Canvas. Log in and then control how and where you want to publish your videos. If you manage the films through KTH Play, you can edit and make adjustments after the recording.

Read more about how to get started, list of booking lecture theatres, available equipment, support and online guide on: .


Do you need educational support or tips on how to use video or web meeting tools in your courses? Do you need advice on choosing camera, microphones and more? Send an email to .

For questions related to technical support and KTH Play (for example, help with uploading files) please contact .