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KTH Play (Kaltura)

KTH Play is a media portal and a recording tool for recording and sharing video and audio. The technical platform for KTH Play is Kaltura. ​
All employees with a KTH account have the ability to upload content and to record videos in KTH Play. Login at

Questions and answers

How do I use KTH Play? 

Login at  and upload your content or record directly. You can choose to either keep the media files privately or make them available for others. ​The videos from KTH Play can be embedded in Canvas, Polopoly, Wordpress or anywhere else on the web. Read more on how to embed media into your Canvas course  and how to upload a video to KTH Play

Can I upload anything in KTH Play?

For uploading and publishing in KTH Play the same policies, regulations and liabilities apply as other IT resources within KTH. We therefore want to highlight the following from the contingent liability you signed for your KTH account: "Only material that clearly states that distribution is permitted may be copied or distributed. All copyrighted material may only be copied or distributed with the permission of the copyright holder." By publishing content in KTH-Play, you can make the media available for others to enjoy. You are responsible for all uploaded media in this service.

What type of files can KTH Play handle?

KTH Play has a broad support for different types of media files:

  • MPEG4 and QuickTime (MP4, MOV, QT, M4V).
  • Flash Video (FLV and F4V).
  • Microsoft Windows format (AVI, ASF, WMV and WMA).
  • MPEG 1/2 (MPG, M1V, M2V, MP3).
  • WAV.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

KTH Play has no size limitations. However some browsers do have a size limit on the size of files they can handle. Remember also that larger files do take longer to upload and can even take more of your computer resources during uploading.

How do I caption (subtitle) my video?

You order your video to be automatically subtitled by clicking on the "submit" in the Reach module after you have uploaded your video in KTH Play. Read more about Video captioning (in KTH Play) .

Is KTH Play a good place to archive? Can I throw away my files I have on my computer?

No. Always keep the original files. KTH Play transcodes and allows your files to become a web-friendly format, and the original files are deleted from the server when the recoding is completed. Should you need to upload the movies elsewhere (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) it is good to start from the original file too. KTH Play is intended for distribution, and not for archiving. For archiving video, use KTH-box.

How do I publish?

By default, as an employee at KTH you can choose to publish your file "Unlisted". This means that it becomes publicly available, but only to those who know the link to your movie. You can easily publish this link on another website, send it via email, or embed the movie on KTH’s Learning Management Systems (Canvas or the course web). If you choose to set your files as "Published", it will be easier for others to find the videos via the search function in KTH Play. You must then publish in a "channel", either in an existing one or create your own.


For pedagogical support or advice on how to use video in your courses, contact . If you need technical support with KTH Play: .