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Audio and sound in video

Good sound in a video is really important. Clear sound is especially important in video sessions where the viewers cannot see the speaker's lip movements, for example in narrated PowerPoint presentations.

Tips of how to use the microphone

Extension cable for handsfree
  • Use a microphone that can be placed close to your mouth, like headset and handsfree. Start by testing the distance between your mouth and the microphone, consider the following tips:
  • Too big distance from the audio source makes the recorded sound weaker, and the microphone also picks up surrounding noise and sound disturbances.
  • If you place the microphone too close to your mouth, you may experience a rattle noise.
  • If you need a longer distance to the computer when recording your lecture, you can use an extension cord for your handsfree or headset.
Microphone clip where the microphone is attached on the shirt
Microphone clip where the microphone is attached on the shirt
  • Clamp your handsfree on a jacket or shirt stroke, or alternatively in the jersey neck collar, for example with a microphone clip (so-called clip) or a regular clip. Test listening before you start recording so that the microphone does not rustle on your clothes as you move because it produces disturbing sound.
  • Since the sound is so important for the video quality, the tip is to record in a quiet room and turn off all the interfering sound sources, such as the mobile phone.
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