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Diploma Supplement

From 1 January 2003, all degree certificates issued by Swedish state universities and university colleges must be accompanied by a supplement entitled the Diploma Supplement (DS), which provides information on the contents and scope of the courses that together comprise the degree awarded. The purpose of this Diploma Supplement is to facilitate recognition and approval of university qualifications across Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, both in the academic arena and in business life. The intention is to facilitate for people with university degrees to move between different countries for work or studies.

Diploma supplement is being issued in a widely spoken European language, given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation (with the Degree Certificate).

What is a Diploma Supplement?

A Diploma Supplement is:

  • A supplement automatically issued together with the degree certificate by a university or university college.
  • An information instrument describing the Swedish university system that is intended to make it easier for people with university degrees to work or study in another country in Europe.
  • An exact, easy-to-read source of information, which increases understanding of what the degree in question actually consists of. This document is always issued in English.
  • Free of charge.

A Diploma Supplement is not:

  • A replacement for the actual degree certificate, it is a supplement only.
  • A document that provides an automatic guarantee that the degree in question will be recognised and approved.
  • A curriculum vitae (CV).

If you already have a degree certificate from KTH, it is possible to supplement it with the description of the Swedish educational system provided by the The Swedish Council for Higher Education.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education

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