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Examiner's role at monitored exams via Zoom

There are different roles and areas of responsibility before, during, and after a Zoom monitored examination. On this page, the examiner’s role and responsibility is described.

22 October 2021

Monitored exams in Zoom not allowed

Monitored exams in Zoom are not allowed during the autumn of 2021 according to KTH's scenario planning . If you want continuous contact with students during examination that takes place at any location, Zoom presence  is recommended. For monitored digital examination, examination in a computer room  is recommended.

If you want to set up one Zoom session which you are responsible for, and also will participate in, please follow the instructions for the Zoom responsible person . Please note that you cannot start and be the “host” for several parallell Zoom sessions. There needs to be one host for each Zoom session, see the instructions for the Zoom responsible person.

Examiner’s responsibilities:

Breakout room 

During the exam, you as an examiner can check in on the various Zoom sessions during agreed times. If there is a question from a student, the invigilator creates a breakout room in the Zoom session to which the invigilator moves the examiner and the student. There, the examiner and the student can talk undisturbed and then return to the main session. This video (in Swedish) describes how this works:

Students with compensatory support

Tentafunka handles digital monitoring through Zoom for the students that are registered to the exams that each school has provided Tentafunka with. This means that Tentafunka sets up their own Zoom sessions with invigilators for these students.

What you need to do: 

  • Provide the exam administrator responsible for communication with Tentafunka at your school with the examiner's structure for the exam at least three working days before the examination so it thereafter can be placed in KTH Box Tentafunka.

  • Ensure that the examiner's contact details are provided; name, email and telephone number.

Before the exam: 

  • Invitation to a Zoom session is sent to Tentafunka’s examinees and to the examiner three working days before the exam. 

  • The examiner receives an invigilator schedule through email three working days before the exam.

After the exam: 

  • The chat log, the participant list and the observation log: The exam administrator at each school is responsible for sending this material to the examiner. 

Contact about examination

Do you have questions or wish to receive guidance about conducting examination?

E-mail: , mark your mail: examination guidance

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