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Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers is the Nordic governments' official organization for co-operation, working for common solutions that deliver positive effects for the entire Nordic region. It offers a number of programmes, where KTH can seek funding for various forms of international activities in higher education.

Support in applying

For support in the application process, please contact:

Application can be done by KTH faculty directly to the Nordic Council of Ministers, or organisations ommissioned to handle the applicationon, on all programmes. Note that projects in certain programmes may require internal approval before the application is initialized. For example, the BUS group should be contacted for an overview of the process for new programmes at KTH before commencing the application for Nordic Master Programme. Support in the application process is offered.

Nordic Master Programme

The Nordic Master Programme allows for KTH, in co-operation with other universities in the Nordic region, to apply for funding of up to DKK 1 million per project aimed at developing joint Master's programmes. Consortiums consisting of higher education institutions from a minimum of three Nordic countries may apply. Only institutions from the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden and from the three autonomous regions Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Åland are eligible. The programmes should attract both Nordic and non-Nordic students.

More information and application

The Nordic-Russian Co-operation Programme in Education and Research

The programme is based on a Memorandum of Understanding between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The programme funds project that strengthen Nordic-Russian cooperation in education and research through mobility of faculty, staff and students, networking, joint courses and other activities aimed at sustainable long-term cooperation. To be eligable as partner the Russian institutions must be a fully accredited higher educational institutions with federal funding.

More information and application

Funding for research co-operation from NordForsk

NordForsk funds research co-operation in nationally prioritised areas, in which Nordic research groups work together to achieve common synergy. NordForsk provides funding for research cooperation and does not award direct grants for individual research projects or fellowships. The Nordic-level funding is intended to generate added value that enhances the quality, visibility and applicability of the research conducted. Specific requirements for application vary between the calls.

More information and application at Nordforsk

Nordplus 2012-2016

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers educational program that supports mobility, projects and network activities and is open to institutions, organizations and others involved in education and lifelong learning. NordPlus covers the five Nordic countries, including Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Åland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Funding is provided for projects establishing networks for exchanging and disseminating experiences, cooperation between universities, cooperation between universities and the labor market, and individual academic or workplace based exchanges for students and teachers in Nordplus countries.

More information and application at Nordplus

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