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Overview of communication channels

Here you will find an overview of the digital channels used for communication to KTH students and templates and support to facilitate communication.

Student's personal menu

The personal menu is the student's entrance to their studies, which is available throughout once the student has logged in. In the menu, students can find their courses, programmes and student services, such as schedule, course registration, study results and group room booking.

Updated October 4, 2022

Development of the personal menu

Currently, work is in progress to review how the Personal Menu can be further developed to meet users' needs. Both design and functionality will undergo minor updates and improvements as a first step. The aim is to launch the new version in early 2023.


The Student web

The Student web ( is the student's starting point for important study information and updates on what's going on. Here students can find, among other things, the Course and Programme Catalogue with programme syllabuses and course syllabuses/Course PMs, contact details for services and support offered by KTH and inspiration about the student's opportunities during the study period.

KTH-wide information should be located on the Student web. The Information and Service group, within the Educational Support Office (EDO), leads an editorial team responsible for ensuring that the content is accurate, up-to-date, accessible and relevant to the student.

Changes on the Student web


The newsletter is sent out once a month to all students and reminds them of news, important dates and tips on upcoming events with links to the Student web.

The Information and Services Group, within the Educational Support Office (EDO), is the newsletter's editor.

KTH's newsletter for students

About and during course

About course

About course is KTH's official site for course information, available on the Student web. The pages contain comprehensive course information that is open to everyone, at all times and that students need in the following situations: before choosing a course, to prepare and attend a course, and after the course has ended. There is a syllabus, information on course rotations, course memo, course analyses and an archive of historical documentation.

About course


Canvas is KTH's learning platform. Students can connect with teachers and other students in the course room, find course materials and guides, and follow course news and events via the notice board.

Recommended ways to communicate in Canvas

The Discussions function in Canvas

The Announcements function in Canvas

Current for specific programme

Programme web

Students studying a programme receive programme-related information from their programme study advisor or programme manager via Programme web. 

Other channels

Other digital channels should be avoided as far as possible to ensure that the student learns that the information is available in the above-defined channels. The urgency of the information should justify mailings to a large group of students.

Information via face-to-face meetings with students, such as various information sessions, is encouraged as an essential complement to digital information.

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