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Programme web

All KTH programmes have their own web page where you can have all your information in one place and communicate with the students. On these pages students and employees can share information, discuss and ask questions about everything related to the programme and their studies. In the programme webs left margin there are links to programme and study related information.

All students that are admitted to a programme will automatically get a subscription and therefore receive notifications through e-mail about activities on this page.

Where do I find the programme web?

You find your programme web in the personal menu at the top of the website after you have logged in to If you don’t see your programme here you can search for it and then add it by subscribing to it.

Get started with the programme web

As an administrator of a programme you are in charge of the information and communication on the programme web. To become an administrator:

  1. Scroll down the page on your programme website to see who is responsible and click on their name.
  2. Send them an email to ask them for permission. If that list is empty, please contact  to get permission to add and edit information.

Add a new page

You can add pages by clicking on the “create content” icon and "New page". Then you add your title and add content by using the page content window. You can add pictures, links, tables, movies and design it how you want it. Feel free to make use of our accessibility tips  while you design your page. When you have finished adding the content you need to add it to the left menu. Remember to save!

Adding a new post

To notify the students of an important event and where they will get a notification click on “New post”.

Good to know! The webpage  describes how students can find information on the programme web. Share it with your students.

If you need any help or have an queries please contact .

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