Implementation of Canvas at KTH

KTH has through the School of ECE procured a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas, which will replace the platform called Bilda and parts of course web. This page is an executive summary introduction to the implementation project detailing scope, time plan and stakeholders at KTH. The information will be updated and extended along with the proceedings of the Implementation Project.

The Use of Canvas

Initiated by the teacher, Canvas will handle all learning activities on course offering (kursomgång) level.

Updated 2017-08-18

From period 1 2017: Course offerings (kursomgångar) in Bilda and the Course Web will not be allowed

This means that all course offerings at KTH will be executed in Canvas from period 1 2017. The static course information residing at the Course Web, i.e. static information about a course, will remain. The user license agreement for Bilda will end August 27, 2017.

What should you do if you still have a course offering in Bilda/Course Web?

  • You should create the information in your Canvas course.
  • If you want support to move your content from Bilda/Course Web or just want help to get started, please contact!

Support, Guides and Instructions for Canvas


KTH has procured a new LMS in order to provide a more consistent and coherent learning environment for both students and teachers. The tender was awarded to Canvas by Instructure Global Ltd being the system scoring the highest both on functionality and the faculty and student usability tests. Read more about the background and purpose of the project

Steering Committee of the LMS Project

Implementation Process

Central activities for the project during the implementation process will be:

  • Migration of current course material in Bilda, Course Web and other relevant central systems within KTH. The project will support teachers by manually migrate from Bilda/Social to Canvas with educated resources should the teacher want assistance. Read more about Migration Assistance
  • Building up the Canvas competence at KTH, a support organization both centrally and on each school, enabling training for all teaching staff through a “train the trainer” method. Read more about Education and Support
  • Finalisation of system configurations and integrations.

The implementation has been successful during the study year 2016-17 and around 500 course offerings has been performed successfully.

Required Organisational Structure

The implementation project is run in collaboration between the School of ECE and the IT-department and will involve staff on all schools throughout KTH. However, the project is highly decentralised and each school is required to assign LMS staff.

The LMS staff will have the following roles:

  • LMS-responsible: As the LMS-coordinator between school and project this person will be invited to workshops and help both with finalising the time table for the school and appointing the LMS-trainers of the school.
  • LMS-trainers: Teachers and/or administrators who will train the faculty with support from the project. The school appoints one or several persons.

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