KTH Play is a media portal and recording tool available to record, store and share video/audio. The technical platform for KTH Play is Kaltura. The tool provided to record videos is Kaltura CaptureSpace. The videos from KTH Play can easily be embedded in Course Web, Canvas, Polopoly, Wordpress or elsewhere on the web

Getting started with Kaltura CaptureSpace

All employees have access Kaltura CaptureSpace, just login at play.kth.se. If you need any support or advices on how to use Kaltura CaptureSpace send an e-mail to it-support@kth.se.

Workshops for teachers: Kaltura CaptureSpace

Teacher Support offer tool demonstrations for teachers where you get an introduction to the tool Kaltura CaptureSpace. See our calendar for more information.

Drop in Teacher Support

KTH staff is always welcome to come to the Teacher Support during our drop in sessions where we can help you with Kaltura CaptureSpace and other tools for e-learning. 

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