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All KTH programmes have their own web page where you can have all your information in one place and communicate with the students. On these pages students and employees can share information, discuss and ask questions about everything related to the programme and the studies. In the left margin there are links to programme and study related information.

All students that are admitted to this programme will automatically get a subscription and therefore receive notifications through e-mail about activities on this page. More about the programme web (In Swedish only) (pdf 59 kB)

Where do I find the programme web?  

You can find your programme web in the personal menu. If you don’t see your programme here you can search for it and then add it by subscribing to it.

How do I get started?

As an administrator of a programme you are in charge of the information and communication on the programme web. To become an administrator scroll down the page on your programme website to see who is responsible and click on their name to email them for permission.

Add a new page

You can add pages by clicking on the “create content” icon (seen in the picture above) 

Then you add your title and add content by using the window. You can add pictures, links, tables, movies and design it how you want it. When you have finished adding the content you need to add it to the left menu (see next picture).

Adding a new post

To notify the students of an important event and where they will get a notification click on “New post”.

A good example of a programme web has been created by the Degree programme in Architecture which you can have a look at by searching fo it on the intranet and subscribing to it.

Further development plans for Programme web

We are still in the first stages of building the programme web for you so you can transfer your content from the old programme web from polopoly. At the moment in the “create content” icon you can see “Manage links” and “New wiki”, please don’t use these as they no longer will be there in the final developed programme web and will disappear on the 6th of October.

The only links that are left active now is a link called “Student at KTH” (Student på KTH) which will link directly to the student web and "Study Programme" (Utbildningplan) which goes automatically to your specific study programme.

If you need any help or have an queries please contact Teacher support

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