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Create and publish course memos on the course information site "About course" (SWE)

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 9 December 2020

Published Dec 10, 2020

Kristian Fäldt and Åsa Lindström from the IT department talk about and present "About the course"; the site that complements Canvas with the course information that the student needs before and after completing the course. They also demonstrate the new tool to easily publish course PM. Here you find the documentation, film and link to the presentation from the webinar (in Swedish).

[The video initially only has machine-generated captions but these will be updated with manual editing of subtitles that better matches the content.]

About the webinar

Watch this webinar to get a better view of the benefits of using "About course" for your course and how to use one of its tools to create and publish qualitative course memos. During the first half of the webinar, Kristian Fäldt and Åsa Lindström from the KTH IT department, explains the design of "About course", the motives and why it is favourably to use "About course" as a complement to Canvas.

In the second half of the webinar, Kristian and Åsa, will present a new tool that helps you as a teacher to create and publish a course memo on "About course". A demo of the tool will highlight its smart features and explanations of the benefits compared to using Word or Canvas for your course memos. The webinar also includes a question and answer session.

Please note that this webinar and recordning is in Swedish.


Kristian Fäldt and Åsa Lindström (KTH IT department).

Presentation file

The presentation material is available in the tab "Attachments" when you are logged in to KTH Play (log in at the top right of KTH Play) .

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