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Local support for the digitalisation of education

At each school, local support will be developed that teachers and administrators at the school can turn to in matters concerning the digitalisation of education.

31 March 2021

Status of the development of local support

The team will be developed in April, with representatives from each school. There will be one or more teams at each school. One for the administrative support and one for the schools that have an organized local support that is close to teachers.


Since January 2021, local support has been one of the synchronization teams in the working group for the digitalisation of education (AG) , as a result of the working group’s task of coordinating efforts around local support for the digitalisation of education.

Andreas Alm Arvidsson is the appointed team leader who will build up and lead the team for local support.


Adopted by the steering group for the working group for the digitalisation of education (AG) 2021-02-09:

  1. Continuously report the team’s operations and status as well as coordinate the implementation of tasks and deliveries with AG-staff and others teams under AG.
  2. Lead and coordinate the school’s support and guidance on digital tools and systems for implementing digital education.
  3. Report educational needs regarding digital training of other teams.
  4. Form a link between the school’s teachers and administrations and the central support within AG.
  5. Contribute to knowledge formation within AG about teachers’ and administrators’ educational position and educational needs.
  6. Take preparatory measures to once again be able to concentrate KTH's resources if the governments' or other authorities' guidelines change so that the teaching on campus cannot be carried out. 


Do you have any questions or requests about local support? Write “Local support” in the subject line in an email to

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