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The Education Portfolio

KTH's Steering Group for IT Sub-Portfolio Education is called the Education Platform (UP). The Portfolio is a cross-functional decision-making group consisting of a steering group responsible for coordinating the the different projects of e-learning and study administration.

One of KTH's three IT sub-portfolios

The Education Portfolio coordinates and is responsible for digitalisation initiatives and management of the IT support to the first and second cycle education at KTH. The Education one of three sub-portfolios developed at KTH (see the box at the bottom of the page).


  • The Education Portfolio gives teachers and administrators the conditions to create world class programme education. 
  • The Portfolio offers teachers a way of work which is effective, pedagogical and with legal certainty.
  • The Portfolio is perceived to be uniform and is continuously improved to automate work and offer new quality-enhancing possibilities for education.


The Steering Group for IT Sub-Portfolio Education

The steering group for the portfolio is responsible for coordinating efforts made regarding e-learning and study administration.

Chairman of the steering group and operation representatives

  • Joakim Lilliesköld (EECS) - Chairman of the steering group
  • Hans Wolfarth - Head of IT
  • Joakim Pettersson - Object owner IT for e-learning and StudAdm
  • Arnold Pears (ITM) - Head of Department, institution for learning
  • Stefan Stenbom (ITM) - object owner e-learning
  • Kattis Jonsson Berglund (EDO) - object owner StudAdm
  • Tilda Byrstedt (THS) - student representative, THS Head of Educational Affairs

The teams and projects

The Working Group for the Digitalisation of Education (AG)

The working group for the digitalisation of education (AG)  is a temporary crisis organisation formed in connection with the corona pandemic with the aim of pooling resources to support the transition to digital education. The first assignment period lasted from 2020-03-19 until 2021-06-30. If necessary, AG can be re-established if a crisis arises again.

The cross-functional approach initiated by AG during the corona crisis continues with the Education Portfolio. 

The sub-portfolio, led by Kristian Fäldt, includes the following teams and projects:

  • e-learning administrative object (IT at GVS + digital learning at ITM)
  • study administration administrative object (IT + EDO at GVS)
  • digital examination project
  • web meeting, video and streaming synchronisation team
  • education administration synchronisation team
  • local support synchronisation team

Local support

Local support was added in the spring of 2021 as one of AG's synchronisation teams. The assignment to develop and coordinate a long-term investment in local teacher-oriented support for the digitalisation of education continues within the framework of the Education Portfolio.

Ongoing projects and initiatives

Development is currently being conducted in three areas that will result in a series of development projects. These three areas are:

  • digital examination
  • digital course production
  • course information.

KTH’s IT-portfolios

KTH has an IT-portfolio group which consists of three sub-portfolios: education, research and administration. In each sub-portfolio there are management objects, system owners and projects. 

The purpose of the IT-portfolio

The purpose of the IT-portfolios is to prevent silo development in the organisation and work based on operation processes instead of departmental processes. 

Organisation and way of work

  • STRATEGY – portfolio steering group
    • Kerstin Jacobsson – University Director
    • Joakim Lilliesköld (EECS) - Chairman of the IT Sub-Portfolio Education
    • Annika Stensson Trigell - Chairman of the IT Sub-Portfolio Research
    • Hans Wolfarth – Chairman of the IT Sub-Portfolio Administration
    • Jan Gulliksen – co-opted member
  • STEERING – sub-portfolio steering groups for:
    • Education
    • Research
    • Administration
  • MANAGEMENT – Management groups and projects in each sub-portfolio.
  • IMPLEMENTATION – Different teams do the operative work.
    • Reference groups and networks.

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