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Previous releases

2021 Fall release

Here are the proposals that were accepted by the Joint University meeting/ Förvaltningsrådet on April 19, 2021, and was implemented in the fall release on October 27, 2021.

1. The Message Log can be open during editing of the study plan

The user will be able to have both the Message Log and another chapter of the study plan open and edit both simultaneously. The log can also be pinned at the bottom of the screen while open.

2. Clearer help texts

The help texts will have a grey background so as not to be as easily mixed up with the other texts.

3. Email notification to principal supervisor

The principal supervisor will get an email notification when the study plan is sent back to the doctoral student during revision.

4. Improved calendar

The calendar in the study plan will be improved with the possibility of choosing month and year in a drop-down menu.

5. Clearer when having multiple study plans open in different tabs

The name of the doctoral student will be displayed at the top of the study plan, next to the reference number, as well as in the browser tab, to make it easier for reviewers who have multiple plans opens simultaneously to keep them apart.

6. New option: “Not specified”

The new default option “Not specified” will be introduced for fields where the user today chooses between “Yes” and “No” and today’s default is “No.” Study plans that are already checked “No” or “Yes” will not be automatically checked to “Not specified” however.

7. Change in permission “Observer (school)”

Users with the permission “Observer (school)” will be able to view study plans with the status Created and Waiting for, in addition to those with the status Established as today.

8. Entering time as hours

It will be possible to enter time as hours in the sections “2.3 Departmental duties: to date and planned” and “2.4 Past and present leaves/assignments that constitute grounds for extensions/special reasons” in addition to todays percentage and days.

9. Better filtering when entering a new assistant supervisor

When entering a new assistant supervisor, the user will be able to search all schools at once.

10. New search variable: Deviations

The section “5.7 Deviations from previous study plan” will be searchable in Report 2 for those that have that function.

11. The SCB subject is removed

Some study plans have a so called SCB subject that KTH does not utilize, and this will be removed.

12. Unnecessary drop-down menus are removed

Drop-down menus that only contain one option will be removed.

13. Subject code will be a search variable

Subject code will be searchable in Report 1 and 2. (Requested by Linköping.)

14. HTML in texts

The superadmin will be able to use HTML in some texts for improves clarity (for example the help texts).

15. Function to remove notifications

The superadmin will be able to pause or remove notifications sent out. This should be an unusual action.

16. Acting establisher will have the function of regular establisher

The acting establisher in the system will be able to send the plan forward in place of the doctoral student and principal supervisor. This should be an unusual action.


2021 Spring release

Here are the proposals that were accepted by the Joint University meeting/ Förvaltningsråd on October 20, 2020, and are planned for the spring release on March 24, 2021.

1. A warning will prevent simultaneous editing of the study plan

The entire ISP, including the Message Log will warn a second user if someone is already editing it (like for example doctoral student and supervisor when the ISP has the status Created).

2. Sorting of incoming study plans by arrival date on the Overview page

For users such as supervisors and administrative officers who deal with a lot of study plans, the work will be facilitated by having them sorted on date.

3. Function for doctoral students to initiate a revision of the study plan

Doctoral students will be able to initiate revisions of the study plan like the supervisor does today. An email is sent to the principal supervisor when the doctoral student starts a revision.

revise for doc

4. Increased maximum input under section 6: Meetings

The maximum number of characters will be 8.000 just like section 7: Comments.

5. Accessibility: Navigating with the keyboard for those that need/would like to

Users will be able to navigate without a mouse or other mousetrapping device.

6. Study period used (%) will be specified more – not only net time added up

The central change here is a new field named ”Current rate of study” (in this picture numbered as nr. 1 in orange) that when expanded specifies the rate of study from Ladok for every term. The picture shows this expanded. The earlier, aggregated, figure for this is still present with a small change of name, and is now called “Total current study period used (%) – Ladok” (nr. 2 in orange in this picture). The fields “Planned degree of activity” and “Work achieved so far…” are still present although somewhat relocated in the 2.1 frame.

takt siffror eng

7. The Doctoral Student’s email will be obligatory information in the study plan

The study plan cannot be sent forward if the email field is empty. This is to ensure that there is an address available in the system.

8. The Programme Director will be notified when the study plan is established

The Programme Director will be notified as this is one of the roles in the approval process.

9. Other roles than the principle supervisor will be able to edit the field “Doctoral program”

Under 1. Basic information, the doctoral student will be able to fill out this field.

10. The ”Change Permission” function will be made clearer and more user-friendly

For users with more than one role in the system, for example supervisor and programme director: “Change Permission” will be moved to the meny on the left instead of behind the person-icon at the top right of the screen, as the current placement has caused problems in some cases.

Change permission

11. Create a comments field for Programme Directors under section 7 in the study plan

Information could be about the progress of the doctoral student and will be saved in the established study plan like the other comments. Please note that when comments are made the study plan is sent back to the doctoral student for approval as with other changes to the plan.

12. Change texts in the role titles at the top of the screen

Test list

There will be a text edit function for superusers so each university can decide for themselves what terms should be at the top.

(Moved to the fall of 2021 release: A function will be created for superusers to pause or remove notifications)

Notifications are rarely removed, and today this needs to be done by Lunds Datacentral, LDC, on request of the superuser. (Superusers are the eISP systems specialist and one colleague at the VoS unit at the KTH Education Office.)


2020 Fall release

These changes were implemented in the fall release on November 4, 2020

1. Fewer clicks in the study plan – function to Expand all and Collapse all

Two blue buttons called “+Expand all” and “+Collapse all” allows the user to expand and collapse all the sections of the study plan in one click. The parts can also be opened and closed individually.

2. More information in notifications

Establishers who receive notifications about overdue revisions of study plans will have the names and emails to both the doctoral student and the principle supervisor in the notifications in the eISP as well as in the email sent out.

3. Bug: Report 1

A bug that affected the search windows in the function Report 1 has been fixed.

4. New search function in Report 2 under Activities/International participation

Users of Report 2 can now search for International participation and Year of graduation.

5. Local degree objectives: KTH's Sustainable Development Objectives

KTH's Sustainable Development Objectives will be found under section 9, along with Activities planned and realized in order to fulfil the objective

6. Departmental duties in percent or days

In the field Departmental duties under section 2.3 the user can choose between the value percent or days.

7. Searching for planned courses in Report 2

Administrative users will be able to search for planned courses for doctoral students on their school.

8. Page numbers on the PDF

The PDF version of the study plan will have page numbers. Already established study plans will have them appear in the next revision.

9. Report 2

The administrative function Report 2 has new search functions.

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