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2022 Spring release

Here are the proposals that were accepted by the Joint University meeting/ Förvaltningsrådet on October 26, 2021, and will be implemented in the spring release on March 23, 2022.

1. Headings under Overview

The page Overview will have two headings for clarity: “Study plans to approve” and “Study plans to revise.” For example principal supervisors may have some study plans that are undergoing revision and some that are due to be revised, and they will be sorted under the two headings.


2. Shortcuts

On the right-hand side, shortcut buttons will allow users to jump between chapters 1-10 and the Message Log, as well as expanding and collapsing the parts of the study plan with buttons + and -. This will reduce scrolling.


3. “Planned degree of activity” will be editable for the doctoral student

Planned degree of activity is now opened up for editing for the doctoral student – so far, only the principal supervisor has been able to do this.

4. Automatic updates will only occur in the status ”Created” and ”Waiting for doctoral student”

Automatic updates are for example new study results that have been registered in Ladok, and that are then imported to the ISP system during revision of the study plan. Previously the data was imported both when the doctoral student and the principal supervisor opened the plan for editing, but this sometimes led to the supervisor being unable to approve and send forward the plan since the imported data counted as a modification of the content, which meant the study plan had to be sent back to the doctoral student.


5. Return to Overview after Approve/Send back

When a user has approved or sent back a study plan, the system will automatically go back to Overview, as opposed to staying on the already handled study plan. This will save time for users who have a number of study plans to handle under Overview (which may be all users except doctoral students).

6. Information added about attached files

Information is saved about the about name and role of the person who attaches files, as well as date and time about when the upload occurred. The information is only saved about files attached after 2022-03-23.


7. “Total current study period used” will take into account the admission type

This calculation will take into account whether the student is admitted toward a doctoral degree or a licentiate degree. Previously this number has always been based on admission toward doctoral degree, which has led to the value being too low for those admitted toward a licentiate degree. (Please observe that the value under “Total current study period used” will be automatically updated for users admitted toward licentiate degree when they log in to edit the study plan next time.)

8. Corrected headings under “3.2.1. Credited courses,” now same as in Ladok

All headlines under Credited courses are now titled the same as in Ladok.

9. Function to update e-mail address and name

The system will have a function that updates e-mail addresses and names when they are changed in the HR system, by automatically sending them to the integration information in the ISP system. If for example a supervisor gets a new email address in the HR system, this will be updated also in the ISP.

10. Clickable links in Report 1

Users that have access to the administrative report functions, will now find that the results in the left-most columns can be clicked on, to open respective study plan. Right-clicking and opening in a new tab also works.

The study plan is opened in observer-mode or edit-mode depending on the status of the study plan, and role the user has in the approval process. The clickable links exist only in the report listing within the ISP-system, not in the Excel version of the report.


11. Text field under “8. Approvals” will be editable even if checked No or Not Specified

The associated text field for 8. Approvals is available to edit regardless of button selection for Permits required: Yes/No/Not specified.

12. Descriptive texts in Reports 1 and 2

There will be a short explanatory text at the top of the two reports that summarize what the reports can be used for. Each university can change the text locally.

13. Clearer confirmation when changing principal supervisor and programme director

When a superadmin has changed the principal supervisor or programme director in a study plan, the system will confirm the change in a clearer way than today.

14. Possibility to copy content from the system to the test environment more often

The universities will be able to copy the content of the system to the test environment used by the superadmins more often. Presently it is done once a term and there is no need to change that at the moment.

15. Expanded integration information

The system will allow for more information to be sent over from the HR systems of the universities, although this will also need local development to be implemented.

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