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Developing the system further

The ISP system is used by several Swedish universities that meet once every term to decide on further developments. KTH has a focus group that prepares proposal for the joint meeting of the universities involved.

This page is under development and aims to give an overview of what that process is like.

The ISP wheel calendar

As the image illustrates, each term a process takes place to decide on improvements to the ISP system, which are then implemented to next term's release. This is the general outline for this process:

1. Administrative Officers meeting (Handläggarnätverk)

2. Focus Group meeting

3. Development proposals are sent to Gothenburg University, GU

4. Preparatory joint meeting of the universities that use the ISP system. Proposals with be discussed further.

5. Joint meeting of the universities where changes are decided on.

6. Feedback about the results of the joint meeting to the focus group and others


Suggestions for improvement

Suggestions for improvement can be sent to , the systems specialist or other member of the focus group.

The Focus Group:

Sahba Zojaji , Doctoral student at EECS

Mats Magnusson, Director of Third-Cycle Education/FA at ITM

Svein Kleiven, Programme Director/PA at CBH

Per Olsson, Administrative Officer at ABE

Alice Eklund, Commissioner at The Management Office

Olof Landin, Systems Specialist for the ISP

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