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Social is the collective name for four functions at KTH: Personal menu, Course web, Program web and Group web. Students and employees use the functions. Right now, development work related to Social is underway. On this page, you will find a presentation of the functions and links to more information.

Social – technical platform for four functions

Social has existed at KTH since 2011. The four functions are explained here with further links.

Personal menu

A collection of services and settings linked to your KTH account.
Personal menu

Work in progress: Development Poject - New Personal Menu

The Course web

A tool that compiles relevant information and links to various systems used in courses at KTH.
Course Web

(Please note the recommendation is to use "About the course" and Canvas.)

The Program web

Every education program at KTH has a Program web, where students and employees can share information, discuss and communicate within the program.
Program webs for communication within programs

Work in progress:

The Group web

With the help of groups, you can collaborate and communicate with others, for example in course projects, networks and departmental groups.
Group web

Development of Social

Development work is currently underway for Social's various functions. More information about what this means can be found via links under the respective function headings above.

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