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How to Search in TimeEdit Web

  1. Select your language to do your schedule search, or select local overview to see when a room is available.
Step 1

2. Begin with setting a date interval.

Step 2

3. Select the start and end dates that are relevant to your search.

Step 3

  4. Chose what you wish to search for – a specific course event, a program, a person, etc.

Step 4

5. Write in your search word in the ”Search” field. Click on the magnifying glass button and your search results will appear in the Result field. Chose the result you wish and it will appear in the “My Criteria” field. Chose the “Show schedule” button to display the schedule you are searching for.

Step 5

Customizing your view and other functionalities

Customize: You can chose how your schedule is displayed under the link ”Customize”. If you are looking at the schedule for a whole program, it can be helpful to use different colors to display the different courses. If you are looking at the schedule for a course, it can be helpful to show different types of activities in different colors, i.e labs and lectures.

Customize your view

Separator – The Separator works as an “and/or” function between your search criteria, and is displayed by a “+” in the My criteria field. In this example, the schedule will show all the bookings for this program and/or the additional course. Without the separator, if you chose two items the result will contain only instances that contain BOTH search criteria.

Separator function

Category Schedule. Use this to display a wider range of information, i.e., all of the exams in a program, all of the lab or practice rooms in a building, all of the courses in a program. Some Search items have ways to limit the information to a manageable definition, others do not.

Category Schedule

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