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Exam Schedules

Use the course schedule search engine, to easily find the exam and re-exam dates and times that correspond to your courses.

Dates to register for exams during academic year 2021/2022

Fall Courses (HT-21)

Exam period 1, October 21-29
Registration opens Tuesday September 21 and closes Tuesday October 5, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 1, December 20-22
Registration opens Monday November 22 and closes Monday December 6, 23:59 pm.

Exam period 2, January 10-17
Registration opens Tuesday November 30 and closes Thursday December 16, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 2, April 19-22
Registration opens Thursday March 17 and closes Thursday March 31, 23:59 pm.

Spring Courses (VT-22)

Exam period 3, March 11- 18
Registration opens Wednesday February 9 and closes Wednesday February 23, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 3, June 8-10
Registration opens Monday May 9 and closes Monday May 23, 23:59 pm.

Exam period 4, May 30- June 7
Registration opens Thursday April 28 and closes Thursday May 12, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam period 4, August 15- 27
Registration opens Thursday 30/6 and closes Thursday 28/7, 23:59 pm.

Re-exam periods

Period 1 re-exams are held in December.

Period 2 re-exams are held in April.

Period 3 re-exams are held in June.

Period 4 re-exams are held in August.

Terminated courses, ie, courses that are no longer being offered at KTH. Students have the opportunity to take re-exams twice per academic year within three years after the course was last offered. 

If no exam is scheduled for a course you are, or have been, registered for, contact the course coordinator (kursansvarig) or your study advisor (studievägledare).

External examinees

KTH does not allow external examinees. External students are referred to other institutions, such as Xenter in Botkyrka.

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