ISP - Individual study plans for doctoral students

The eISP is a web-based tool for management of individual study plans for doctoral students.
The study plan is created in the eISP by the main supervisor. The doctoral student and the main supervisor can then write and/or revise the study plan. The plan is the reviewed and approved by the program director/director of studies and the administrator of third cycle education before the director of third cycle education establishes the plan.


Employees at KTH may after login to KTH internal pages have to add eISP to your personal menu. Click "add service" and choose eISP from the list.

External users (eg. co-supervisors with employment outside KTH) must get in touch with the research admin staff at the school to get access to the eISP. Then they log in here .


  • Doctoral students will automatically be granted authorization to the system via the personal menu upon admission.

  • Co-supervisors that are not employed by KTH – contact the administration at the school where the doctoral student is enrolled.

Apply for a user account

For supervisors

For administrative staff

Education and support

A detailed manual with a description of the eISP and instructions on how to fill in the form can be found here: eISP user guide (pdf 936 kB)

Questions concerning the eISP can be sent to the ISP support at

Current information


The eISP system and Ladok

The eISP system is updated with Ladok data every Tuesday. That means:

  • Accounts for new doctoral students and other staff that have been created/registered no later than the Monday before are visible in the system on Wednesday.
  •  Credits (and other Ladok data) that have been registered no later than the Monday before can be obtained into revised study plans from Wednesday and onwards.

The system developers continue working with the integrations.

What is still not working:

- Credited courses. Credited courses registered in Ladok after June 11th 2018 will not be retrieved into the individual study plan.

- Date of Admission. The field ”Date of Admission” in the study plan will hence be empty.

- Termination of admissions. Will not be retrieved from Ladok.

- The direct sync with Ladok. Therefore, during a limited period of time, data from Ladok will be updated every week.

- New KTH user accounts (mainly supervisors) are updated every week.

The new KTH Schools in eISP

The new school organization (EECS and CBH) is now visible in the system. The old schools and authorisations are still available. Remember that old study plans will still belong to old schools. Supervisors can access doctoral students on all KTH schools!


New features in the eISP system have been realesed (October 23). Read more here: New features in the eISP system (docx 33 kB)


My Svensson, system specialist

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