Course participants - internal service

With this service you can view and print an Excel list of participants on a course/course session by entering the course code and choosing the semester for which you want to find course participants.

Participation in the course/course session refers to new students on the course and those who are re-registered on the course/course session. Students who have completed the course, have interrupted or are registered for study abroad are not included in the participation for the course/course session for the period.

The service is automatically available to course managers, teachers, examiners on courses where they are listed as such in Kopps. Some administrators also have access to the service (requires special permission). The course participants service is available in the personal menu under Services.

Operation Info

Following today's update (Sept.4 2019), we hope that earlier search time-outs have decreased or preferably ceased. As we announced earlier, a major review / update will come this spring which will hopefully help the service even better.

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