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Ladok at KTH In order to access "Ladok for employees" (teachers and administrators) a special account is required and compulsory education has been completed.

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NOTE! Doctoral students who want to see their own assignments should log into "Ladok for students"!

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Changed views for reporting and certification of results in September 2021

One goal in Ladok's business plan is to improve the usability of teachers. As part of this work, the Ladok Consortium will change the views for reporting and certification (for courses and activities). The updated views are scheduled to be delivered in the upgrade on September 15.

Why do we change the views?

For the past six months, the consortium has been working on an update of the technical basis on which Ladok rests. In connection with the fact that we still needed to work on the code behind the views for reporting and certification, we are taking the opportunity to implement some requested usability improvements. The aim of this is to make the views easier to understand and clear and in the long run make Ladok a more user-friendly system. Proposals for changes have been made via reference universities through surveys, user studies and usability tests, i.e. in dialogue with those who report and certify grades for everyday use.

How will the views change?

On the whole, the management for teachers will be the same. The biggest change is that grades are set in a new way, but there are also a lot of minor changes. The large flows for reporting and certifying should work as usual.

More information comes from Ladoksupport at KTH after this year's summer holiday.

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