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Ladok at KTH

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Ladok at KTH In order to access "Ladok for employees" (teachers and administrators) a special account is required and compulsory education has been completed.

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NOTE! Doctoral students who want to see their own assignments should log into "Ladok for students"!

Log in to Ladok for students (incl PhD students)

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New home page in Ladok

The BETA home page is now the default for all users, the home page will continue to evolve according to different needs nd views coming in. In February 2020, it is no longer planned to be "BETA".

New way to connect examiners and results reporting teachers

Examiners and results reporting teachers are linked from HT19 to their courses in a new way. The connection must be done manually by course administrator or. central Ladox support (examiners). If, as a teacher/examiner, you do not have a course or have problems with attesting results, please contact the course administrator at your department/school.

On 20/11/2019, examiners and results reporters who were admitted according to the old method were migrated. This applies to courses where there are opportunities from HT18. It may. has meant that some "old" examiner/reporter has come in on the new "link", result reporters administer the course administrators in Ladok, possibly. incorrect examiner (attestant) is handled by central support, the administrator sends case to our support

In order to add new decided examiners, the decision must be attached in full to our support (see above). The school is responsible for ensuring that the task is submitted to the web (via Kopps).

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