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Hybrid workshop - Test and discuss hybrid teaching

What is hybrid learning

Two hands on a computer screen drawing something

Hybrid learning is a learning method that involves both in-person and virtual students attending class at the same time. This method combines both synchronous and asynchronous methods to create a flexible learning environment. For example, a teacher can stream live in-person lectures for students to tune in from home. A recording of that lecture can then be shared for students to review or watch later if they couldn’t attend class synchronously. Hybrid learning should create a singular learning experience between two formats.

This workshop is for you who (perhaps) will teach in a lecture hall and at the same time have participating students and / or guest lecturers via Zoom. All participants will be able to try connecting their computer, use a document camera for lecture notes that are projected for students in the room and in Zoom for students online. Opportunity is given to ask questions and discuss different scenarios. We will be able to answer questions and help in both English and Swedish.
This workshop is co-organized by The Teaching and Learning department, Digital Learning and IT support.
Bring your own computer and Lunch sandwich will be served at 12:00.

Register here for interest in participating at a Hybrid workshop


  • Strictly limited number of participants applies. Only those who have registered may participate. We will arrange more workshops if needed. Do not bring company to the room.
  • On arrival, you will be directed to a seat.
  • Hand alcohol is provided and must be used by those who are present and try the technology.
  • Only one at a time can try the technology.