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Digitisation - (Priority group) Reflections after the Storträff

The PriU groups are an informal but important and established forum for teachers, programme managers, students and others involved in education at KTH, to meet, share experiences and ideas about education. The Priority Issues Unit (PriU) for Digitisation works on digitisation at KTH, for different categories of staff and for different activities.

Time: Thu 2022-12-15 10.15 - 12.00

Video link: Zoom

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Preliminary agenda

We will follow up on two of the issues that were deemed important to discuss at the moment and that emerged at the Storträff table around "Digitisation - a broad discussion of the whole concept for us at KTH including the digitisation strategy" and "Support and development of innovative use of digital tools". These questions are:

  1. The situation of students around digitisation - both socially and knowledge-wise. We continue the discussion and also link it to the first principle "Essential knowledge of the subject" from "Principles for Future Education". How does digitisation affect students and what are essential subject knowledge in digitisation?
  2. Teachers who want to work innovatively need support. How do we organise ourselves to best create "communities" around different tools and creative ideas?
  3. Other points