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You will conduct your presentation in the digital meeting tool Zoom. The presentation must be a maximum of 10 minutes long, followed by about 10 more minutes for questions and discussion.

Maybe you want to make a PechaKucha?
Here is our PechaKucha guide (pdf 119 kB)

Technical preparations

  • The conference team will arrange the Zoom rooms for each session and you will find the link to your session in the conference schedule.
  • The rooms will open 10 minutes before the first presentation of the session. We ask all presentators to be there then, so that we have time to do a sound and presentation check.
  • We recommend using headsets with a USB connection and a webcam for best results. Use a stable internet connection (network cable directly into the computer if you have the possibility).
  • Have your presentation open on your computer even before you open Zoom, so you can quickly share the screen with the others when it's your turn to present. If you use a script, be sure to place it in such a way that you can read it without the audience losing touch with you

During the conference

In the Zoom room there will be a chairperson and a tech savvy student. The chairperson is the 'Zoom Host' and welcomes everyone and ends the session, and the student helps with the technology if problems arise.

In the format presentation, we do not expect the people who listen to interact with each other or participate in e.g. polls or breakout rooms, and given the limited time we recommend that you do not plan such activities.

The chairperson will encourage the audience to ask questions in the chat, and will keep track and distribute these. So you do not have to keep an eye on the chat yourself.

Test your presentation 

Before the conference, there will be an opportunity for you who want to, try audio, video and share a presentation from your computer with the audience. We will email you with suggested times in February 2021.