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KTH SoTl 2021

KTH is arranging the fourth SoTL conference for its staff and students on 10 March 2021. The conference will be in English and take place online via Zoom.

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KTH SoTL 2021: Learning Spaces

The KTH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference is aimed at all teaching staff, pedagogical leaders, educational administration and students at KTH.

The main theme of the 2021 conference is Learning Spaces: the physical, virtual and social rooms or arenas for learning that you and/or others have created and acted in.

Here is short presentation in PechaKucha style on SoTL

Some examples of what this could include are:

  • Educational challenges, opportunities, and solutions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • Implemented blended learning strategies in your course that you would like to share
  • Other educational ideas and suggestions you have been using to create learning spaces
  • As always with KTH SoTL, we welcome also other ideas and topics related to learning and SoTL
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Share with your peers!

We encourage all KTH staff and students interested in teaching and learning to contribute with a project, research, or pedagogical development work that you and/or your colleagues have done. The conference welcomes a number of formats: presentations, workshop, roundtable, pecha kucha , poster and virtual presentations. 

Call for Abstract

The guidelines for abstracts are found . The submission period for abstracts is now closed.

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Abstract timeline


Please direct all questions, suggestions and ideas to:

Project Manager

Conference team 

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