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Publish in an educational journal

Are you interested in publishing in an educational journal?

During the conference, you will probably take part in several presentations, perhaps participate in a workshop and also perhaps hold your own presentation. Contributing in various ways during educational conferences is part of what is called the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, SoTL. To take the next step, you also need to write scientifically about your teaching practice and publish in scientific journals.

During the conference, you will receive tips on what you need to think about in order to be published in an educational journal. The program includes a workshop with one of the editors of the journal Högre utbildning (HU) where you will go through what a text needs to contain and how it needs to be structured to be accepted for publication.

Högre utbildning (HU).

The journal receives abstracts in Swedish or English and publishes, for example, articles but also texts called reflected educational practice.
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Nordic Journal of STEM Education

The journal receives grants (in Swedish or English) that have a focus on educational development in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and that has a theoretical foundation.
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European Journal of Engineering Education (EJEE)

The journal welcomes contributions (in English) and invites relevant contributions that combine scholarliness with usefulness for improving engineering education.
For more information on EJEE, click here

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