Digitaliseringssatsningen - Call for pilot projects

This is the first call for pilot projects within the area Technologies for a digital transformation. A second call is planned for late spring 2019.

KTH has been tasked by the government to establish a strategic research environment for interdisciplinary research on the future technology for digitization in the research policy (2016) and budget (2017) bills. According to those, a faculty funding initiative in digitization corresponding to 78 MSEK per year is planned from 2020 to form a research centre for future technology for digitization. This will involve many activities, for example excellent research collaboration projects.

During 2019, several pilot projects will be initiated. These collaboration projects should address research within Technologies for a digital transformation and should involve a number of research groups that complement each other. The evaluation criteria are presented here (docx 37 kB) .

In this first phase 3-6 pilot projects are selected. Partial funding (1-4 MSEK each) will be provided for the one-year pilot projects, see funding budget template (xlsx 12 kB)  for more details. After evaluation of this pilot phase, and provided confirmed governmental funding from 2020, several of these are expected to grow to collaboration projects of the size of about 5 PIs, during 3-4 years with annual funding of about 5 MSEK.

The three research themes Trust, Cooperate and Learn cut across the three societal contexts Smart society, Digitized industry and Rich and healthy life. The long-term research portfolio is expected to cover this strategic matrix.

In this first call we will start at a small scale and gradually increase the efforts in this strategic context. An additional call for pilot projects is therefore planned for late spring 2019.

Workshops to promote research ideas for future pilot projects will be held during early 2019. If you are interested in more information on these, contact .

Call 1: Closes February 10, 2019.

The decision is planned for March and the expected start of projects is in April 2019. Send applications to , according to the project description template (docx 15 kB) . Questions can be directed to the same email address or to Kenneth Billqvist .

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