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Webinar: Which innovations in reskilling create value in a rapidly changing world?

The second out of three webinars in the series "Will Reskilling Secure Competence?"

Tid: Ti 2021-11-23 kl 13.00 - 15.00

Plats: Zoom

This webinar dives deeper into the how of reskilling for employability and presents innovations in the field from both KTH, Sweden, and Europe. Looking ahead, what are upcoming challenges from industry and society in the fourth industrial revolution.

- Does reskilling require new formats and methods? Innovative education at KTH
- The Software Development Academy (SDA) -model: Online Learning Initiative, The Experience Confidence Knowledge (ECK) model, Learning Experience Platform, Why the method matter
- National and International innovations in reskilling
- Where do we need to innovate more - what are the fourth industrial revolution challenges for labor market, society, and industry?

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Contact person:
Kajsa Hallberg Adu

​​​​​​​kajsa.hallberg-adu@indek.kth.se ​​​​​​​