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Newsletter April 2013

KTH-Sustainability Newsletter

April 2013


  • Toolbox for education for sustainable development
  • PhD-course: Futures studies for sustainability
  • Information meeting: Transport and environment innovations 2013, Apr 25th
  • Transport Demo Day May 7th
  • Seminar: Life cycle thinking in the building sector, May 7th
  • Seminar: The high cost of free parking, May 20th
  • Förhandsvisning kretsloppsanpassat växthus 29 maj
  • Cecilia Katzeff adjunct professor at CESC
  • The King’s Professor
  • Save-the-date: October 17th
  • Dissertations and licentiate seminars

Toolbox for education for sustainable development

KTH-Sustainability have now launched a pilot version of the toolbox for ESD to be used by teachers (only available in Swedish). To make the toolbox as useful as possible, we wish to have your comments, feedback and tips on how to improve it. The toolbox was developed by Josefin Wangel in 2012, and from May 2013 Annika Carlsson (researcher at Division of environmental strategies research) will work on further developments.

PhD-course: Futures studies for sustainability

This year, the Division of Environmental Strategies Research - fms, will give the PhD-course Futures studies for sustainability (7,5 cr). The course will give an introduction to futures studies approaches and methods, with focus on the environment and sustainability. The course will also provide deepened knowledge and discussions on the philosophical foundations for futures studies and the empirical basis for futures studies, and introduce explorative scenarios, backcasting, foresight and participatory futures studies. It will also illustrate and give opportunity to practice methods for generating external factors and scenario dimensions and creating sustainable futures. The first lecture is May 24th. Contact Åsa Svenfelt asa.svenfelt@abe.kth.se if you are interested in taking the course!

Information meeting: Transport and environment innovations 2013, Apr 25th

The KTH Transport Platform and KTH-Sustainability hereby invite you to an information meeting at KTH on the call Transportation and environmental innovations 2013  from VINNOVA. The meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss potential applications in smaller groups, divided according to your areas of interest (specified by you upon registration). The aim is to give you the opportunity to find new partners for collaboration. The purpose of this call is to build, strengthen and make available new knowledge within the field of environment and transport. The results should ultimately contribute to social benefits, economic value, creation of new business opportunities and competitiveness. VINNOVA will grant funding for research and development projects where universities have a significant role. Projects should contribute to reaching the Swedish environmental and transportation goals. The announcement has set aside a budget of 50 million sek.

April 25th at 10.00-12.00 (1 hour information from VINNOVA, 1 hour group discussions). Room will be announced upon registration. Register to transportplatform@kth.se and state area of interest/suggestions for application (maximum 5 lines) and which aspect of sustainability (economic, environmental, social) you would like to write an application or discuss a possible application within.

Transport Demo Day, May 7th

is a yearly recurring event, where we invite academics, industry and public for half-a-day of hands-on, demos and talks representing our view of Future Sustainable Transport and our present activities at KTH. May 7th at 15.00-19.30 at KTH Transport Labs, Drottning Kristinas väg 48. Sign-up using this link . If you have any questions you may contact Peter Georén at 08-7907892, peterg@kth.se Welcome!

Seminar: Life cycle thinking in the building sector, May 7th

KTH Life Cycle Network invites you to their next seminar on Life cycle thinking in the building sector. Invited speakers are Prof. Bo Göran Hellers (ABE, Architecture) and Dr Tove Malmqvist (ABE, Division of Environmental Strategies Research). The seminar is May 7th at 10.00-11.00, Drottning Kristinas väg 30, seminar room 2nd floor. Please notify your attendance to lcacontact@kth.se

Seminar: The high cost of free parking, May 20th

Centre for Transport Studies and the Division of traffic and logistics at KTH invite you to a transport distinguished speaker seminar on “The high cost of free parking” by Professor Donals Shoup from University of California, Los Angeles. May 20 at 13.00-16.00 at KTH Campus (room to be informed later). Off-street parking requirements are devastating American cities. So says Professor Donald Shoup in his book “The high cost of free parking”. Free parking, Shoup argues, has contributed to auto dependence, rapid urban sprawl, extravagant energy use, and a host of other problems. Planners mandate free parking to alleviate congestion, but end up distorting transportation choices, debasing urban design, damaging the economy, and degrading the environment. Shoup proposes new ways for cities to regulate parking, namely, charge fair market prices for curb parking, use the resulting revenue to pay for services in the neighborhoods that generate it, and remove zoning requirements for off-street parking. In addition to Professor Shoup’s presentation, there will also be presentations by some Swedish researchers on their recent research on parking. The detailed schedule will be announced later. The seminar is free of charge but notification is necessary. Please notify your participation to Lennart Leo, lennart.leo@abe.kth.se , at the latest by May 10, 2013.

Förhandsvisning kretsloppsanpassat växthus, 29 maj

Välkommen till en förhandsvisning av det första kretsloppsanpassade växthuset den 29 maj kl. 14–15 på Berga Naturbruksgymnasium i Haninge (växthuset ligger intill matsalen som är en stor gul byggnad). Eftermiddagen består av presentation av växthuset med kombinerad fisk och grönsaksodling (akvaponi) samt planerna för uppvärmning och belysning och områdets fortsatta utveckling. Tid finns för mingel, förtäring och diskussion med KTH inför det fortsatta arbetet. Anmälan till Karin Nordh på karin.nordh@chb.kth.se eller 08-790 4818.

Cecilia Katzeff adjunct professor at CESC

Cecilia Katzeff has been appointed adjunct professor in sustainable interaction design at KTH. Her position is connected to CESC, where she has worked part time since September 2011 ( read more ).

The King’s Professor

KTH can suggest who should be the King's Guest Professor in Environmental Sciences for 2014/15. We would like to have your suggestion by May 15th, sent to sustainability@kth.se . It should include a motivation and a CV of the person. More information available at our webpage.

Save-the-date: October 17th

On October 17th KTH-Sustainability will arrange this year’s KTH-Sustainability Day. More info will come!

Dissertations and licentiate seminars

May 13, Defense of dissertation: Sustainable phosphorus removal in onsite wastewater treatment  
10.00 at F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH
Subject area: Land and water resources engineering
Doctoral student: David Eveborn
Supervisor: Prof. Jon Petter Gustafsson

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