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Newsletter May 2013

KTH-Sustainability Newsletter

May 2013


  • AIMday Sustainable Solutions for Cities
  • KTH - Sustainable research review
  • Save-the-date: October 17th 2013
  • Professor in environmental history at KTH receives a price
  • Students at KTH exhibits in Stockholm Royal Seaport
  • Centre for Sustainable Built Environment
  • Informationsmöte om aktuella forskningsutlysningar från Naturvårdsverket och Havs- och vattenmyndigheten
  • Seminar: Why prepare for ’right’ prices?
  • Dissertations and licentiate seminars

AIMday Sustainable Solutions for Cities

Last week one of the largest AIMday’s took place at KTH. A total of 47 questions were discussed in parallel workshops with about 50 participating representatives from companies/organizations and 80 researchers. As KTH was host for the event, a dominant part of the researchers came from different schools at KTH, but researchers from Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, Dalarna University, Södertörns högskola, Innventia and others also participated. Hopefully this AIMday will generate new collaborations and a lot of new contacts in between companies and researchers but also among research colleagues within and outside KTH. Later this year, December 4 th, KTH will arrange AIMday Transport. For more information about other AIMdays organized in Sweden, visit www.aimday.se .

KTH- Sustainable research review

KTH-Sustainability has identified a need for evaluating research related to environmental science and technology and sustainable development at KTH. The result is expected to be valuable for external communication of our strengths and also for future strategic work, for example in relation to the new development plans. The result is also expected to be valuable for KTH’s future strategic work in this area.
The review was performed by three external reviewers/advisors , Roland Clift, Jacqueline Cramer and Steve Evans in the spring of 2013. The rich material produced within the RAE 2012 was used as a basis of the review and in addition, all RAE-units assessed were invited to write a one-page update. The reviewers also conducted a round of interviews at KTH with 25 selected RAE units the 15th -17th April. A report with a set of observations and recommendations of the advisors will be published on the KTH website in short.

Save-the-date: October 17th 2013

On October 17th KTH-Sustainability will arrange this year’s KTH-Sustainability Day. More info will come!

Professor in environmental history at KTH receives a price

Sverker Sörlin, author and professor of environmental history at KTH, has received . The prize is awarded annually for particularly outstanding efforts in science communication and popular science. The jury's citation reads as follows: ‘This year Lars Salvius prize awarded Sverker Sörlin, since he with knowledge, commitment and drive of the language has helped to create a better understanding of climate and environmental issues, as well as the increasingly important role the humanities play in the community.’

Students at KTH exhibits in Stockholm Royal Seaport

A collaboration between master students in Sustainable Design Studio at KTH School of Architecture and Royal Seaport has resulted in an on how materials can be reused. The starting point of the exhibition has been a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach which means focusing on materials that can be reused fully in for example a long-term building process. The exhibition opened last week and runs until autumn at Gasverksvägen 15 in Hjorthagen.

Centre for Sustainable Built Environment

The newly established Centre for Sustainable Built Environment within School of Architecture and Built Environment invites all KTH employees to a seminar discussing the development of the centre; vision and goals, its role within research and education, contextual analysis etc. The seminar takes place on May 27 at 13.00-17.00 in Salongen, KTHB, Osquars Backe 31. Register your attendance to gunilla.appelgren@abe.kth.se

Informationsmöte om aktuella forskningsutlysningar från Naturvårdsverket och Havs- och vattenmyndigheten

Tisdag 29 maj kl 13.30-15.00 på Naturvårdsverket, Valhallavägen 195. Ingen anmälan krävs och seminariet är kostnadsfritt.
Aktuella utlysningar: ”Värdet av ekosystemtjänster”, ”Luftförereningars effekter – stöd för policyutveckling” och ”Styrmedel för miljöarbetet”. Informationsmötet vänder sig till forskare som är intresserade av att ansöka om de utlysta forskningsmedlen. Syftet med mötet är att ge ytterligare information och svar på konkreta frågor om kunskapsbehoven bakom dessa utlysningar. Vi vill också skapa möjlighet för forskare att möta andra forskare och diskutera eventuella samarbeten.

Seminar: Why prepare for ‘right prices’?

June 11 at 12.00-16.30 at IVL Stockholm and IVL Gothenburg (videolink between). Register here no later than June 4.
The interest in finding a products right price, by including environmental damage costs, is increasing among decision-makers within both industry and authorities. But what is the meaning of “right prices”? And how do we prepare for these prices? The Swedish Life Cycle Center (CPM), that KTH is a member of, welcome you to listen to and discuss outcomes from the working group “Get the prices right” and the VINNOVA funded prestudy about building up knowledge around externalities and creating opportunities for innovations. The aim of the meeting is to create an interest in the field of externalities and discuss with others why and how to dealing with these externalities. During the workshop we will also address the relationship between economy and environment and what kind of information is needed to consider externalities in the process of developing new products.

Dissertations and licentiate seminars

June 11, Licentiate seminar: Industrial Ecology Methods within Engagement Processes for Industrial Resource Management
10.00 at E3, Osquars backe 14, KTH
Subject area: Industriellt miljöskydd
Doctoral student: Graham Aid
Supervisor: Doc. Maria Malmström

June 14, Licentiate seminar: Applications of Systems Thinking within the Sustainibility Domain: Product Design, Product Systems and Stakeholder Perspectives
14.00 at E2, Lindstedtsvägen 3, KTH
Subject area: Industriellt miljöskydd
Doctoral student: Rafael Laurenti
Supervisor: Ass. Prof. Björn Frostell

May 24, Defense of dissertation: Hybrid Solar Gas-Turbine Power Plants – A Thermoeconomic Analysis
10.00 at M2, Brinellvägen 64, KTH
Subject area: Energy technology
Doctoral student: James Spelling
Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Martin

June 4, Defense of dissertation:
10.00 at K2, Teknikringen 28, KTH
Subject area: Fibre and polymer technology
Doctoral student: Yingzhi Zhu Ryberg
Supervisor: Assistant prof. Ulrica Edlund

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