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Newsletter October 2013

KTH-Sustainability Newsletter

October 2013


  • Stockholm PhD Student Dialogue on Sustainability – 17th of October 8.30-12.30
  • KTH-Sustainability Day 2013 – 17 oktober 13.15-17.00
  • Defining sustainable development at KTH - be part of the process!
  • Save-the-dates
  • Register for AIMday Transport
  • French-Swedish seminar on energy, Dec 3rd
  • International symposium, Nov 21st: Travel Information for Environmentally Sustainable Urban Transport
  • Crosstalks
  • Dissertations and licentiate seminars

Stockholm PhD Student Dialogue on Sustainability – 17th of October 8.30-12.30

KTH students invites other PhD students from universities in the Stockholm  to discuss the theme:  urban and regional sustainable development. The Stockholm PhD- dialogue offers possibilities to discuss sustainability from different research perspectives and to open up for future research collaborations. There are still a few places left! Read more and register .

KTH-Sustainability Day 2013 - 17 oktober 13.15-17.00 med avslutande mingel

KTH-Sustainabilitys hållbarhetsdag riktar sig till forskare vid KTH och externa gäster från näringslivet, myndigheter, organisationer och beslutsfattare. Nya spännande innovationer som kan bidra till lösningar på några av våra stora framtidsutmaningar kommer att presenteras och hållbar utveckling kommer att diskuteras ur en rad olika perspektiv. Teman för dagen är: Innovationer och entreprenörskap för ett hållbart samhälle, begränsade resurser – nya innovationer, samhällsutveckling – teknikens möjligheter och begränsningar. För mer information, program och anmälan se länk .

Defining sustainable development at KTH - be part of the process!

In 2013, three reviewers/advisors assessed the RAE material from 2012 along with a voluntary one-page update from the RAE-units. Interviews with 25 selected units were conducted in April 2013. As a result of the interviews the advisors noted that in general the researchers perceived the definition of Sustainable Development to be rather abstract and difficult to relate to their own work. In order for researchers to be able to interpret SD and apply it to research and education the reviewers recommended that KTH-Sustainability arrange an active and inclusive process at KTH to define the concept of SD. Another recommendation was for KTH-Sustainability to actively support the creation of multidisciplinary lighthouse projects together with the staff.
KTH-Sustainability will begin the process of defining the concept of SD for KTH and to identify a number of transdisciplinary lighthouse projects. The goal is to create and gain ownership of the concept of sustainability among researchers and teachers at KTH. A common definition will help KTH communicate  sustainability priorities internally and externally.
Do you want to be part of the process? Please contact Helene Limén, project leader at KTH-Sustainability, heleli@kth.se , at latest the 24 October. You can read the advisors report .


Oct 29th 12.00-14.00: Seminar with Prof. Johan Rockström from Stockholm Resilience Center arranged by Dept. of Industrial Ecology and KTH-Sustainability
Nov 20th: Seminar with Prof. Jianping Wu from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, arranged by CESC and KTH-Sustainability
More information and separate invitations to come!

Register for AIMday Transport

Next week the registration for researchers opens. Visit www.aimday.se/transport to see which questions you would like to discuss at AIMday Transport on Dec 4th at KTH.

French-Swedish seminar on energy, Dec 3rd

The French Embassy in Sweden and the KTH Energy Platform arranges a high-level seminar on energy. On December 3rd 2013 high-level policy makers, experts and business representatives of Sweden and France will gather for a seminar “Towards a low carbon and energy efficient society - The experiences of France and Sweden” at KTH. Among others, Anna-Karin Hatt, Ulla Hamilton and Erik Brandsma are confirmed participants. The event is open to KTH researchers. Read more and register here .

International symposium, Nov 21st: Travel Information for Environmentally Sustainable Urban Transport

CESC is arranging a symposium in cooperation with K2 about Travel Information for Environmentally Sustainable Urban Transport. The symposium will be held the 21st of November 2013 at Folkets Hus, Stockholm. Speakers from around the world have been invited to present the latest research in the field and to discuss with leaders from the public sector and industry, how travel information can contribute to the sustainable development of urban areas. The symposium will focus on three main topics: technical innovation and successful implementation, travel patterns – every day practice and behavior, and institutional conditions and barriers. Register before the 31st of October at cesc.axaco.se


On September 17th Göran Lindbergh, professor in chemical engineering KTH, and Göran Finnveden, professor in environmental strategies research, took part in Crosstalks discussing ‘Compensation of our lifestyles – how short-sighted can we afford to be?’. If you missed this episode, you can watch it here .

Dissertations and licentiate seminars

October 18, Lientiate seminar:
10.00 at Hugin, Teknikringen 8, KTH
Subject area: Vehicle Engineering
Doctoral student: David Wenner
Supervisor: Prof. Annika Stensson Trigell

October 18, Defense of dissertation:
14.00 at FB42, AlbaNova
Subject area: Theoretical Chemistry and Biology
Doctoral student: Chunze Yuan
Supervisor: Prof Hans Ågren

October 30, Defense of dissertation:
13.00 at F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH
Subject area: Real Estate and Construction Management
Doctoral student: Agnieszka Zalejska-Jonsson
Supervisor: Prof Hans Lind

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