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News from KTH Sustainability Office, May 2018

- SUSTAIN winner of KTH Innovation Challenge Tech for the Global Goals
- Seminar: STandUP for Energy: Pioneers in Renewables - a German perspecitive on wind power
planning, 31 May
- Demo Day - Batch 5, 31 May
- Presentation: Raising gender awareness in KTH teaching - a question of quality in education, 5 June
- Lecture: Physiological responses to sustained recumbency and hypnoxia: implications for future
planetary habitats, 5 June
- Invigning av Malvinas väg, 8 juni
- Bike Day at KTH Campus, 22 Aug
- Available positions at KTH

SUSTAIN winner of KTH Innovation Challenge Tech for the Global Goals
KTH Innovation Challenge received a record amount of ideas on how to tackle some of the largest sustainability problems we face today. SUSTAIN, and their project to prevent disease in farmed fish is the winner! The team behind SUSTAIN is currently screening, designing and testing different drugs that are safe and environmentally friendly, against the pathogen.

 - We believe SUSTAIN could have significant long-term impacts on disease control by protecting fish and contributing to food security, says Vaibhav Srivastava. In this way, it is directly related to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals of Zero Hunger and Life Below Water.

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STandUP for Energy: Pioneers in renewables - a German perspective on wind power planning
Welcome to a seminar led by Professor Johann Köppel, TU-Berlin, in the context of the Energiewende and the German energy transition. Date: 31 May, 09.15-10.00. Place: Room Sahara, entrance floor in the SEED building, Teknikringen 10B.
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Demo Day - Batch 5
A year ago, 11 startups entered the KTH Innovation Pre-incubator Programme. This yearlong program is for early-stage, tech-based projects from KTH looking to speed up their development. Don’t miss this chance to see the latest startups from KTH. Date: 31 May, 12.15-13.00. Place: KTH Entré.
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Raising gender awareness at KTH teaching - a question of quality in education
The plan for gender mainstreaming includes work for change in KTH education, training for teachers and integration of gender knowledge in all programs at KTH. During this presentation, some examples from early projects in gender mainstreaming at KTH will be presented. Date: 5 June, 12.15-13.00. Place: Kollegiesalen, Brinellvägen 8.
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Physiological responses to sustained recumbency and hypnoxia: implications for future planetary habitats
Welcome to this open lecture about environmental physiology. Ola Eiken presents his research on implications for future human-use habitats of the Moon and Mars. Date: 5 June, 15.15-16.00. Place: Lecture hall E2, Lindstedtsvägen 3.
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Invigning av Malvinas väg
Den 8:e juni byter Osquldas väg namn till Malvinas väg. KTH Equality Office vill därför bjuda in KTH:s studenter och medarbetare till invigningen av den nya Malvinas väg. Det blir ett firande av ett mer inkluderande Campus för studenter och medarbetare. Datum: 8 juni, 13.00-14.15. Plats: Den gamla Osquldas väg, utanför Resturang Q.
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Bike Day at KTH Campus
Welcome to Bike Day at KTH Campus! This year you can bring your bike to the Pop-up bike workshop where bike mechanics will help you fix your bike. The workshop has room for about 5 bikes so don't be shy! Alien Bikes are back with their crazy bikes for you to try and you can also enter to win bikes. 1st prize is a grand slam upcycled bike. We also have more upcycled bikes to give away. Date: 22 August.

Available positions at KTH
Here is a list of open positions at KTH related to sustainability:

More positions 

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1 June:  Disputation seminar, Hedi Rasul, Land and Water Resources Engineering, Water in Roads: Flow Paths and Pollutant Spread
1 June:  Disputation seminar, Marin Jovanovic, Industrial Economics and Management, Navigating Manufacturing Firms to Service-led Business Models
1 June: Disputation seminar, Abhishek Shivakumar, Energy Technology, An analysis of factors influencing renewable energy deployment in the EU´s electricity sector
13 June: Licentiate seminar, Ingrid Johansson, Transport Planning, Economics and Engineering, Simulation Studies of Impact of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platoon on Road Traffic and Fuel Consumption
15 June: Disputation seminar, Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Industrial Ecology, Insights on the Sustainability of a Swedish Seaweed Industry


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