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News from KTH Sustainability Office, October 2018

- Lunch for network for doctoral students at KTH who identify as women (WOP), 11 nov
- Kemikalieutbildning, 27 nov
- KTH Sustainability Research Day, 14 Nov
- Temadag: Sexualiserat våld, 29 nov
- Network seminar: Joint applications to Horizon 2020, 27 Nov
- Seminar: Green Batteries: Innovation for Today and Tomorrow, 30 nov
- Pre-study checks for cooperation with SME's
- Available positions at KTH

Lunch for network for doctoral students at KTH who identify as women (WOP)
Welcome to a free lunch for all doctoral students at KTH who identify as women, arranged by the network for PhD students at KTH who identify as women (WOP). The network work to create a space where women doctoral students at KTH can meet, have events, and participate in and suggest changes in KTH’s work with gender equality and diversity, and to help create more inclusive environments at KTH. Date: 11 November, 12.00-13.00. Place: D34, Lindstedtsvägen 5.
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Välkommen på denna kemikalieutbildning riktad till dig som är kemikalieansvarig, labbansvarig eller KLARA administratör. Vi går igenom Miljöbalkens regler kopplade till kemikaliehantering, författningar och interna rutiner som styr KTH:s process för kemikaliehantering samt hur vi kan öka samarbetet mellan skolorna och förvaltningen i hantering av kemikalier. Datum: 27 november, 10.00-17.00. Plats: Brinellvägen 8, plan 11, Gästmatsalen.

KTH Sustainability Research Day
Välkommen till KTH:s årliga konferens om hållbar utveckling inom forskning. Under årets KTH Sustainability Research Day presenteras forskning från KTH som haft tydlig effekt för övergången mot ett hållbart samhälle. Datum: 14 november, 13.00-17.00. Plats: Kårhuset Nymble, Drottning Kristinas väg 15.
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Temadag om sexualiserat våld
Sexualiserat våld är ett samhällsproblem som måste motverkas. KTH:s ledning är tydliga med att detta är ett prioriterat arbetsområde vid lärosätet under de närmsta åren. Under den här halvdagen lyfts frågan ur flera olika perspektiv från skilda föreläsare, med koppling till akademisk verksamhet. Datum: 29 november, 13.00-18.00. Plats: Ångdomen, Osquars backe 31.
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Network seminar for joint applications to Horizon 2020
Researchers at KTH and IVL are welcome to a network meeting aiming to initiate joint projects that can apply for funding from the EU Horizon 2020. Themes for the meeting will be water, transport and sustainable cities. Date: 27 November, 10.00-12.00. Place: KTH Campus. Room will be announced later.
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Green Batteries: Innovation for Today and Tomorrow
Welcome to this high-level French-Swedish seminar on Batteries and E-Mobility arranged by the French Embassy and KTH. The transport sector is today the largest emitter of CO2 emissions in France and in Sweden why they have taken ambitious steps to cut CO2 emissions. What is the strategic role of a competitive and sustainable European battery production? In this new industrial revolution of batteries; how to jump on board and what's next? Date: 11 November, 08.00-15.00. Place: F1, Alfvénsalen, Lindstedtsvägen 22.

Pre-study checks for cooperation with SME's
In support of stimulating cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME'​s), researchers/teachers at KTH may apply for compensation to initiate projects with SME's. KTH Business Liaison (KTH Näringslivssamverkan) then replaces the school for the project with agreed amount (up to a maximum of SEK 50,000 excluding OH) which covers the costs incurred by the school for the implementation of the preliminary study. This may, for example, regard time, travel allowance or utilization of lab equipment.

The pre-study check program has an annual budget and is activated on a regular basis during each calendar year, so there is a reservation for that the funds may expire during the current year. You are welcome to apply if you are in contact with a SME and want to start or develop collaborations,

For more information: Malin Olovsson, KTH Näringslivssamverkan, maliol@kth.se , +46 8 790 60 35.

Available positions at KTH
Here is a list of open positions at KTH related to sustainability:

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2 November: Dissertation, Christiane Grünloh, Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, Harmful or Empowering? - Stakeholders' Expectations and Experiences of Patient Accessible Electronic Health Records
16 November: Dissertation, Ruth Brännvall, Department of Organisation and Management, They are so damn grateful
20 November: Dissertation, Hanna Hasselqvist, Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, Designing for shared energy responsibility
30 November: Dissertation, Panagiotis Evangelopoulos, Materials Science and Engineering, Pyrolysis and detoxification of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) for feedstock recycling

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