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News from KTH-Sustainability, November 2015

* Specification of overall learning outcomes * Whole Earth? Photo exhibition * Stormvarning koncert 19 Nov * Ecocide and Humanitarian Catastrophe in the Anthropocene, 23 Nov * Information on the RAWMAT KIC, Nov 25 * Workshop 18 december 2015: Möjligheten att skapa ett Centre for Resilience Engineering vid KTH * Conference: Engineering Education for Sustainable Development * Help wanted at KTH-Sustainability * Events and Dissertations * Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH * KTH in the media


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Specification of overall learning outcomes
In 2012 KTH-Sustainability developed the first proposal for the specification of the overall learning outcomes for the environment and sustainable development at KTH. The specified learning outcomes are a tool for program and course development and evaluation. During 2014 the goals for specified learning outcomes were evaluated, revised and presented to the Faculty Council. As of 2015-08-25 the Faculty Council decided that the revised goals should be considered as advisory at KTH. The new learning outcomes can be found here (only in Swedish)

Whole Earth? Photo exhibition
KTH is proud to host Whole Earth? Aligning Human systems and Natural Systems, photo exhibition challenging today’s students and universities to play a major role in building a sustainable society. The exhibition is open for visitors during open hours at KTH Entréhallen between 13 October to 23 November 08.00-16.30. Learn more about WHOLE EARTH?

Stormvarning koncert 19 Nov
KTH-Sustainability välkomnar dig till KTH den 19 nov för en annorlunda After Work. Stormvarning har samordnat en kväll på temat " post Cop 21 agenda" med livemusik av Crying Day Care Choir och Jennie Abrahamson och samtal med KTH forskare Göran Finnveden, Josefin Wangel, Per Wikman Swahn och Nina Wormbs . Moderatorn för kvällen är Beatrice Rindevall redaktören för den prisbelönta bloggen ”Supermiljöbloggen”. Under kvällen ges möjligheten att besöka fotoutställningen Whole Earth Mer information och anmälan

Ecocide and Humanitarian Catastrophe in the Anthropocene, Polly Higgins 23 Nov
Could criminalising mass damage and destruction of ecosystems at the top level be a game-changer in how we collectively relate to nature? Would an international law of ecocide help the millions of people fleeing when their homes have been unhabitable? Welcome to a lecture with Polly Higgins, barrister, author and international environmental lawyer to discuss ecocide in relation to migration and refuge. More information and registration here

Information on the RAWMAT KIC, Nov 25
Welcome to an information seminar about the RAWMAT KIC on November 25, kl 15.00-17.00, Gladan, Brinellvägen 85. The seminar will include a brainstorming discussion about future KIC calls and the focus of KTH activities. More information and for registration please contact Annika Lilja at management-itm@kth.se  . Deadline November 23.

Workshop 18 december 2015: Möjligheten att skapa ett Centre for Resilience Engineering vid KTH
Lloyd's Register Foundation planerar att göra en utlysning inom området Resilience Engineering. Den 18 december kl 9:00 – 15:00, Teknikringen 10hålls en workshop för alla intresserad av Resilience Engineering med syfte att kartlägga vilka som vill och kan vara med och bidra i en ansökan till denna utlysning. Samtliga deltagare förväntas bidra med sin respektive domänkunskap inom området Resilience Engineering. Deadline för anmälan 4 december. Mer information och anmälan till workshopen sker genom mail till Per Näsman, per.nasman@abe.kth.se .

Conference: Engineering Education for Sustainable Development, September 2016
The 8th Conference on ‘Engineering Education for Sustainable Development (EESD 2016) will be held in Bruges, Belgium from 4-7 September 2016. EESD 2016 will address two themes: the challenge of ‘Building a circular economy together’ by analyzing the implications for engineering education and ‘Beyond the triple helix’ about how stakeholders such as academia, industry and public authorities are involved in formulating the expectations of engineers. Abstracts will be accepted on other topics as well. It would be great if we could have a record number of participants and papers from KTH! It will be possible to apply for co-funding for accepted presentations from KTH-Sustainability. Deadline for Abstracts is 15/12. More information here: www.eesd2016.be/

Kan digital teknik göra det enklare för flyktingar att hitta sin plats i Sverige?
Det tror personerna bakom projektet Refugee Tech. Lär dig mer om initiativet Refugee Tech i DI Digital  och på Sveriges radio .

Help wanted!
Are you interested in working for KTH-Sustainability? We are looking for part-time project coordinators to work with sustainability in research, education and collaboration. A PhD is an advantage but not a requirement. We are also looking for a part-time or full-time position working with administrative support, events and seminars. Fluency in Swedish and English is a requirement. Please send an e-mail with your CV to sustainability@kth.se   if this sounds interesting. Deadline: Dec 11.

Events and Dissertations

20 Nov: Dissertation, Mattias Wärnhjelm, Planning and decision analysis Hållbara inköpsresor – Stads- och handelsutveckling i samverkan
25 Nov: Conference Water: Today’s Challenges and Future Solutions. Water and Wastewater Management in Sweden and Poland
25 Nov: Dissertation, Mårten Karlsson, Land and Water Resources Engineering, Road Ecology for Environmental Assessment
26 Nov: Energy Dialogue 2015, Research and Development in Energy Technology: Future Pathways
30 Nov: Research Office informationsseminarium om EU-finansiering
30 Nov: Dissertation, Aumnad Phdungsilp, Civil and Architectural Engineering Modeling urban energy flows at macro and district levels- towards a sustainable urban metabolism
4 Dec: Dissertation Tingting Guan, Energiprocesser, Biomass-fuelled PEM Fuel Cell systems for small and medium-sized enterprises
7 Dec: European Spallation Source (ESS): Challenges and opportunities for Nordic Research and Innovation

More events…
Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH

6 WASP PhD Student Positions in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  Deadline 27 Nov
Assistant professor in sustainable bioenergy systems  Deadline 27 nov

More vacancies…

KTH in the media

SVT: watch the last seminar in the KTH inför COP21 series Framtiden och vägen dit
Nyteknik: Alger ger klimatsmarta råvaror
Nyteknik: Hitta översvämningen - innan du blir blöt
Effekt Magasin: Den sunda skulden
Campi: Forging the Socially Responsible Engineer

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