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News from KTH-Sustainability, October 2015

* Whole Earth? photo exhibition * Lunch seminar series Engineers without Borders * Remiss - Förslag på KTH:s övergripande hållbarhetsmål 2016-2020 * Thinking Ahead with SEI and KTH: Circular economy, 17 nov * After work with Stormvarning 19 Nov * Energy Dialogue, 26 Nov * Travel free meetings at KTH, 25 Nov * The Nordic Built Cities Challenge * Sign up for current research calls updates
* Events and Dissertations * Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH * KTH in the media


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Whole Earth? photo exhibition
KTH is proud to host Whole Earth? Aligning Human systems and Natural Systems, a photo exhibition challenging today’s students and universities to play a major role in building a sustainable society. The exhibition is open for visitors during open hours at KTH Entréhuset between 13 october to 20 november 08.00-16.30. Don’t miss the events being held covering a range of topics related to Whole Earth? and sustainability. Learn more about WHOLE EARTH?

Whole Earth? lunch seminar series in collaboration with Engineers without Borders
In conjunction to Whole Earth? photo exhibition Engineers without Borders have organized a seminar series for students. All seminars start at 12:15 at KTH Entréhuset. More information and registration here  (http://goo.gl/forms/3ud8vO0j00)

* 4 november: Staffan Laestadius, ''No time to waste – climate change and the challenges for engineers and and scientists''
* 6 november: Nina Wormbs, "Earth imagery and planetary imagination: Perspectives on Whole Earth"
* 10 november: Sabine Höhler "Edens, Arks and Spaceships: Visions of Whole Earth since the Environmental Revolution”

Remiss - Förslag på KTH:s övergripande hållbarhetsmål 2016-2020
Miljögruppen (Hållbart Campus och KTH-Sustainability) har på uppdrag av rektor arbetat fram förslag på nya övergripande hållbarhetsmål för KTH för perioden 2016-2020. Nu skickas förslagen ut på en bredare remiss för synpunkter, sista svarsdag är 2 nov. Läsförslaget här

Thinking Ahead with SEI and KTH: Circular economy in practice, benefits for society and opportunities for business, 17 Nov
A steadily increasing world population makes natural resources scarce, pushing the cost of virgin material higher and higher. Instead of digging up new metals, making new plastic and weaving new fabric – we need to rethink our current “take-make-dispose” economy and close the loop on production of goods and materials. Join speakers Anders Wijkman, Stockholm Environment Institute och Teh Club of Rome, Sofia Ritzén, KTH and Kalle Sarimaa, VD Ekokem AB to discuss how policy makers can enable the transition and how companies are shifting to circular business models. More information and registration here

After work med Stormvarning 19 Nov
Välkommen till KTH den 19 november för en annorlunda After Work tillsammans med Stormvarning på temat " post Cop 21 agenda". Det bjuds på livemusik av Crying Day Care Choir och Jennie Abrahamson och samtal med KTH forskare. Moderator för kvällen är Beatrice Rindevall redaktör för den prisbelönta bloggen ”Supermiljöbloggen”. Under kvällen ges också möjlighet att upptäcka fotoutställningen Whole Earth som visas just nu på KTH. Mer information och anmälan

KTH Energy Dialogue, 26 nov
Research and Development in Energy Technology: Future Pathways
Visionary research and industrial action is required for future energy transitions. KTH’s Energy Dialogue 2015 will address visions for national and global energy technology and how collaboration between academia and strategic industrial partners can set pathways for the development of energy research and technology. More information and registration here

Travel free meetings – less output more input, 25 November New Date! 10 February
KTH’s environmental goal is to improve the impacts our activities have on Earth’s climate and natural resources. Choosing environmentally responsible means of transport to and from work and increasing the use of travel free meetings are important measures towards reducing our environmental impacts. How can IT solutions at KTH keep researchers and employees active in global forums and improve our environmental impacts? Welcome to a breakfast seminar with speakers Miriam Börjesson Rivera, Kristoffer Soldal, Marco Amiero and IT department’s Catharina Gottberg and Björn Larsson. More information and registration

Events and Dissertations
2 November: Open lecture, guest Speaker Noel Castree, “The environmental humanities and global change research: Building new relationships for a new Anthropo(s)cene
2 November: Dissertation, Angela Picciariello, Electric Power Systems Impact of Economic Regulation on Distributed Generation Integration in Electricity Distribution Grids
9 November: Dissertation, Christof Schneider, Aeronautical and vehicle engineering, “Recyclable self-reinforced ductile fiber composite materials for structural applications
11 november: Licentiate, Miriam Börjesson Rivera, Planning and decision analysis with specialisation in environmental strategic analysis Practise makes perfect? Sustainable practices with ICT and daily travel
23 November: Open Lecture, guest speaker Polly Higgins, “Ecocide and Humanitarian Catastrophe in the Anthropocene"
18 November: KIC InnoEnergy lunch seminar, Has the diesel engine run out of gas? Tesla’s future strategy for electric vehicles.
7 December: European Spallation Source (ESS): Challenges and opportunities for Nordic Research and Innovation

More events…

Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH
Doktorand till projekt om könsmärkning inom teknikområden (Deadline 31 Okt)
Postdoctoral researcher in integration of variable renewable energy through coupling of energy markets   (Deadline 3 Nov)
Assistant professor in sustainable bioenergy systems  (Deadline 12 Nov)
Postdoc “STandUP for Energy”   (Deadline 17 Nov)

More vacancies…
KTH in the media
Effekt Magasin: Den sunda skulden   with Josefin Wangel
DN.TV: Så funkar det: Bränslecell  with Rakel Wreland Lindström
DN: Migration kommer at förvandla en varmare planet   with Marco Armiero
DN: Medias rapporter påverkar vilken vetenskap vi får  with Nina Wormbs
DN: Så ska vi transportera oss I framtiden  with Peter Georén
DN: Eldriven lådcykel favorit när bilen ställdes undan   with Teo Enlund
Crosstalks: The future of Cities  with Alexander Ståhle, Mattias Höjer
SVD: Kulturen sviker i mansklighetens ödesfråga
Kulturtystnaden om klimatet är ett demokratiproblem  , Staffan Laestadius
Nyteknik: KTH bygger labb för smarta hem

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