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News from KTH Sustainability Office, June 2016

*Save the Date - KTH Sustainability Research Day 2016
*ISCN Report
*Queen Bees and urban insect shelters
*Funding possibilities within Bio-Based Industries, June 22 
*KTH Campus Fair and Bike Day 26 aug
*Do you have the right bike helmet?
*Seminarium om social hållbarhet, 21 september
*Good news for the Dome of Visions
*Read, listen and watch

Save the date: KTH Sustainability Research Day 2016
The sixth annual KTH Sustainability Research Day will be held on October 18th 13:00-17:00. This is a platform to discuss sustainability research and an opportunity to spark future collaborations with other researchers, decision makers, business and industry representatives among others.

More information and program soon!

LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITIES - midnight deadlines
If you are still sitting on the fence, apply by midnight tonight, june 15!

Abstracts to KTH Sustainability Research Day - Present your research at the event October 18. Send in your proposals/abstracts in Swedish or English (max 100 words) to sustainability@kth.se   Deadline: June 15th, midnight
Call: Environment and sustainability without boundaries (MHU på Tvärs) Apply now for funding (max 100 000) to enhance transdisciplinary collaborations in environment and sustainable development at KTH. Applications shall be sent to sustainability@kth.se  Deadline: June 15, midnight Full call text and application template

PhD-Course in Environment Strategic Methods offered by the Division for Environmental Strategies Research (fms) at the Department of Sustainable development, Environmental science and Engineering (SEED). The course provides an overview of environmental strategic methods and an opportunity to connect these methods to your own research.Deadline: June 15. More informnation here.

ISCN Report
Would you like to know more about KTH's work with our environmental goals and campus development in 2015? Read all about it in our report to the ISCN (International Sustainable Campus Network). Read the report here.

Queen Bees and urban insect shelters

Bee McBeeface and Beeyoncé

We asked you to name KTH's Queen Bees - and got exactly what we asked for.

The majority of voters preferred amusing names over other name suggestions - some of which celebrated women who have broken gender barriers at KTH in Sweden. Over 10,000 votes came in and Queen Bee Mcbeeface was the clear winner with 69% and Beeyoncé came in second place with 16% of voters. Thank you for participating!

Bees cause a buzz online
Famous in the USA: Internet Names University's Queen Bees 'Bee McBeeface' and 'Beeyonce'

Shelter for All- Design Competition

Design an insect shelter and you could win 20 000kr and leave you mark on Campus!

Many urban areas lack natural places where insects can find shelter. As a result, populations of pollinators are being reduced. Help pollinators by designing an urban insect shelter. The winning design will be built and used at KTH Campus to enhance biodiversity.

This competition is open to all architect students at KTH.

More information: domeofvisions.se/shelterforall/

Funding possibilities within Bio-Based Industries
The Bio-Based Industries (BBI) have announced several calls for research funding within Horizon 2020. Welcome to an information seminar about the calls within the joint undertaking Bio-Based Industries (BBI). VINNOVA and the Swedish Energy Agency will present the calls and answer your questions. A BBI funding recipient will also be there to give their best tips for writing a successful application.
Date: 22 June 2016
Time: 13.00 – 14.30
Place: Dome of Vision, Valhallavägen 79
Registration: e-mail to almqvist@kth.se  

KTH Research Office together with the Energy and Materials Platforms

KTH Campus Fair and Bike Event 26 Aug
Come by and meet KTH Sustainability Office and Akademiska Hus on August 26 at KTH Campus Fair and Bike Event. We'll be answering your questions about Sustainability at KTH, handing out bike maps and safety guides. Don't miss special guest Alien Bikes and the chance to win an upcycled bike.

Speaking of bikes...

Do you have the right helmet?
Bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of concussions by 54 percent, and drastically cut the risk of skull fractures, according to a study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Learn more here.

Seminarium om social hållbarhet, 21 september
Välkommen till ett seminarium om social hållbarhet med presentationer kring sociala hållbarhetsbedömningar, social livscykelanalys och de globala hållbarhetsmålen.

Medverkande: Elisabeth Ekener, forskare på KTH, Viveka Palm, adjungerad professor, KTH, vice avdelningschef på Statistiska Centralbyrån och medlem i den internationella expertgrupp som tar fram indikatorer för att mäta de globala hållbarhetsmålen, samt Charlotta Faith-Ell, forskare på KTH, Research Fellow på Estonian Environment Institute och Senior Technical Director of EIA and SEA på WSP.

När: 21 september kl 11.30-13.00
Var: Dome of Visions, Valhallavägen 79, KTH (tbc)

Anmäl dig här 

Good news from Dome of Visions!
Dome of Visions will stay another year ! We are very happy to announce the news and they are now looking for new ideas for seminars, exhibitions, lectures etc. in Dome of Visions. The curators want to create the content together with you and are looking for suggestions from KTH research and education. If you are running a course, a project or a conference or anything else that relates to the themes, do not hesitate to contact curator Björn Norberg: bjorn.norberg@domeofvisions.se

SvD: ”Riskabelt när alla ropar på snabbt byggande”
SvD: Delningsekonomin växer i Sverige
DN: ”Passivitet mycket dyrare än effektiva klimatåtgärder” 
DN: Därför bör också humanister studera den smältande isen
NyTeknik: Tio gånger bättre isolering av elkablar
Nyteknik: ”Det behövs långsiktighet i energidebatten”
Forskning.se: Bättre trafikstyrning med självkörande fordon 

Sommar P1: Danica Kragić Jensfelts sommarprat  den 30 juni
P4 Stockholm: Få kvinnliga professorer på KTH
P4 Gotland: KTH-elever vill vända miljöproblematiken i Östersjön till något positivt

Seminar: Arctic Futures - past and present 
Seminar: Pushing Agenda 2030: Global Sustainable Development Goals

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