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News from KTH Sustainability Office, September 2017

Interna miljörevision 10 okt- 10 Nov
KTH Sustainability Research Day, 16 Nov
Stories and Seeds film forums: Come Hell or Highwater, 20 Sept
KTH Clean Air Network, 28 Sept
Engineering for a sustainable society - PhD Course
Lär dig mer om KTH:s forskning
KTH Campus 100 years
IT-technology for travel-free meeting solutions at KTH
Available positions at KTH

Welcome to a kick-off meeting to identify and unite the competences at KTH/SU/IVL that can contribute to air quality solutions.
Air quality is a major challenge for cities around the world. The challenge is growing with the general trend of urbanization and air pollution has reached critical levels in mega-cities. Aiming at a sustainable society with both fluid mobility and clean air, further understanding of the mechanisms of pollutant generation, as well as of transport/dispersion and interaction with humans is needed. Solutions should encompass innovation for emission mitigation, pollutant removal and smart planning. A multi-disciplinary effort is needed, with a combination of different competences, facilities and researcher interaction.

When: September 28th, 2017, 13:00-15:00
Where: KTH, Brinellv. 8, room ”bakfickan” floor 4
More information and registration: https://www.kth.se/om/miljo-hallbar-utveckling/event-semiarier/kth-clean-air-network-sept-28-1.751273

Engineering for a sustainable society - PhD Course (SG3133 – 3.0 ECTS)
This PhD-level course will provide PhD-students a sustainable perspective of the current challenges and help PhD-students to relate their research to future actions towards a sustainable society. The 4-day consists of seminars and presentations and begins 2017-10-06.

Prerequisites: to be enrolled in doctoral studies | Contact: Christophe Duwig ( duwig@kth.se )

Lär dig mer om KTH:s forskning
Biblioteket bjuder in till inspirerande lunchföreläsningar för dig som är intresserad av KTH:s forskningsområden. Du behöver inga förkunskaper, alla föreläsningar ges ur ett populärvetenskapligt perspektiv. Här kan du lära dig mer om tex. algodling, vetenskapsförnekelse och innovativ inomhusodling i staden mm.

> Läs mer om höstens föreläsningar (pdf 69 kB)

KTH Campus 100 years
Starting on October 17, KTH will mark the 100th anniversary of KTH's Stockholm Campus with a 50-hour seminar marathon featuring 100 experts from KTH speaking on a range of exciting topics from 10 different subject areas: Urbanism, Life Science, Space, Mobility, Energy, Societal Development, Teaching and Learning, Communication, Environment and Resources, Arts and The Future. Welcome to join the celebration!

Choosing environmentally responsible means of transport to and from work and increasing the use of IT- technology for travel free meetings are important measures towards reducing our environmental impacts at KTH. KTH employees can currently choose from different video conferencing solutions : HD videoconferencing, virtual meetings and the web meeting tool Adobe Connect.

Here is a list of open positions at KTH related to the environment and sustainability.

  • Assistant professor in organic chemistry with specialization in solar fuels
  • Construction Project Management
  • Postdoc in Product & service design - focus on Integrated Transport Systems
  • Administratör till hållbar utveckling, miljövetenskap och teknik
  • Lab engineer in the Smart Mobility Lab
  • Forskaranställning i kemivetenskap med inriktning mot solbränsle

Events and dissertations

8 Sept - Dissertation, Monika Topel, Energiteknik, Improving Concentrating Solar Power Plant Performance through Steam Turbine Flexibility
11 Sept- Sensing Energy - presentation
19 Sept - Getting funding from EIT Raw Materials – Workshop
20 sept - Energy Summit 2017
21 Sept - STandUP seminar: Digital and Resilient Power Systems
22 Sept - Dissertation, Michael Lieder, Industriell produktion From resource efficiency to resource conservation: Studies, developments and recommendations for industrial implementation of circular manufacturing systems
27 Sept - Dissertation, Andres Laya, Information and Communication Technology, The Internet of Things in Health, Social Care, and Wellbeing
29 Sept - Dissertation, Minyu Zuo, Land and Water Resources Engineering, Enhanced phosphorus removal from wastewater using virgin and modified slags: Performance, speciation and mechanisms
29 Sept - Dissertation, Sal Gladan, Maskinkonstruktion, Particle emissions from car brakes: the influence of contact conditions on the pad-to-rotor interface
29 Sept - Dissertation, Marcus Strömgren, Technology and Health, Social capital in healthcare: A resource for sustainable engagement in organizational improvement work
9 Oct - 13 OctFunding at the Horizon: Opportunities 2018

SvD Debatt:  Forskare: Farligt när vetenskapen förnekas
KTH: KTH Minskade klimatutsläpp – men transportsektorn ökar

Studio Ett: Klimatexperiment med astronomiska kostnader
KTH Tech Talks:

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