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Nyhetsbrev oktober 2012

KTH-Sustainability Newsletter

October 2012


  • KTH-Sustainability Research Day 2012
  • Results from the call ’Environment and sustainability on the cross’
  • New professor in Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Compilation of research calls within environment and sustainable development
  • Save-the-date December 13th
  • KTH-Sustainability Doctorate Platform
  • KTH Development plan 2013-2016
  • Upcoming conferences and seminars

KTH-Sustainability Research Day 2012

It was a pleasure to have such great audience with us on KTH-Sustainability Research Day, Thursday 11 October. We would like to express thanks and appreciation to all of you for joining us at this special event. A special thanks to all our speakers! KTH is now one step closer to become a leading university in environmental and sustainable development. Some photos from the afternoon can be seen here

Results from the call ’Environment and sustainability on the cross’

KTH-Sustainability received 23 applications which all contained cross-disciplinary couplings. After evaluation of the proposals, KTH-Sustainability decided that the projects to be funded this year are:

  • Oceant Current Energy Harvesting. Jakob Kuttenkeuler, SCI-school, 200 000 kr.
  • Material cost parameter related to energy savings in new transport technology. Peter Georén, ITM-school/Transport Demo Lab, 200 000 kr.
  • Zero Emission Campus Lab. Sara Ilstedt, CSC-school/Green Leap, 200 000 kr. 
  • Seminar and workshop to develop and deepen cooperation internally between departments at KTH and also between KTH and SLU, in the area of agricultural sciences. Björn Frostell, ITM-school, 50 000 kr.
  • Development of two TMS courses regarding sustainable development, innovation, management and international work. Göran Baurne, ABE-school, 110 000 kr.
  • Continuation and further development of KTH Life Cycle Network. Åsa Moberg, ABE-school, 180 000 kr.
  • Educational developer in sustainable development. Ann-Sofie Henriksson, ECE-school, 75 000 kr.

New professor in Sustainable Manufacturing

Lihui Wang is from November appointed professor in Sustainable Manufacturing, placed at department of Production Engineering at ITM-school, KTH.

Compilation of research calls within environment and sustainable development

In several occasions it has been proposed that KTH-Sustainability shall have a compilation of research calls within environment and sustainable development. This activity has now started, and the first e-mail was sent out last week. Included funders are Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Energy Agency, Mistra, Formas, Vinnova, and the Swedish Research Council. If you also want to receive this compilation, please send an e-mail to sustainability@kth.se .

Save-the-date December 13th

In the afternoon on Dec 13th, Environmental Strategies Research (fms) hosts the first event in KTH-Sustainability’s seminar series. Invited speaker is professor Will Steffen , Executive Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University (ANU). His research interests span a broad range within the fields of climate change and Earth System science, with an emphasis on incorporation of human processes in Earth System modelling and analysis; and on sustainability and climate change, with a focus on urban systems. More information and invitation to come.

KTH-Sustainability Doctorate Platform

KTH-Sustainability has commissioned a project aiming at develop a doctorate platform for sustainability (naming will be discussed). The project group have now written a draft proposal for preview which has been sent to schools, directors of doctoral studies, THS Doctorate section, and others for comments. However, they also want your comments and feedback on the proposal. Download the and send your feedback to perjac@kth.se and frostell@kth.se no later than Oct 29.

KTH Development Plan 2013-2016

In 2012, KTH’s next Development Plan covering the years 2013-2016 will be developed. The basis of the plan is KTH’s Vision2027 which describes the long-term strategy. The development plan should, like the current one, contain concrete objectives for KTH’s activities during the period. A first   is now available (in Swedish) and has been distributed for comments, deadline Nov 20. A final version will be written and decision taken by the University Board in December. During spring 2013, development plans for each school respectively will be developed.

Upcoming conferences and seminars

November 8, Lunch seminar
Presentations and discussions by Göran Finnveden and Emma Strömberg.
11.30-12.30, room H1, Teknikringen 33, KTH.

November 14-15,  
The conference applies to staff, researchers and students with an interest in equality issues. Main subject is the change of responsibility regarding management and equality in an autonomous university surrounding.
F2, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH.

November 15, Professors for the Future
Welcome to an interactive dynamic day with KTH´s new professors and this year’s honorary doctors to hear their thoughts on the future. Johanna Koljonen will moderate interesting dynamic panel discussions with our newly appointed professors to learn about what’s going on in their field of research.
E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3, KTH.

November 22, KTH Energy Dialogue 2012  
Welcome to KTH´s annual energy conference highlighting new KTH initiatives in response to global challenges! The KTH Energy Dialogue, hosted by the Energy Platform, is an annual event aimed at profiling the wide range of energy-related research being conducted in our various schools and programmes.
F2 and Sing-Sing, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH

November 23, Licentiate seminar on  
Subject area: Planning and decision analysis, Risk and safety
Doctoral student: Linda Molander
Supervisor: Professor Christina Rudén
Room 231, Teknikringen 78B, KTH

November 27, High-level seminar on "Railways, towns and country planning: The experience of France and Sweden"  
The seminar will gather high-level policy makers, experts and business representatives of Sweden and France. It will cover - through 4 policy-oriented discussion panels - the different aspects of railways, including improving existing network capacities, high-speed trains, railways networks as a development tool for big urban areas such as Paris or Stockholm, and inner-city transportation.
08.30-17.00, F2, Lindstedtsvägen 28, KTH

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