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Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances

The Knowledge Alliances action is an opportunity for KTH to seek funding for transnational, structured and result-driven projects, between higher education and business. Knowledge Alliances is one of the actions within Erasmus+ and aims to strengthen Europe’s capacity by fostering innovation in higher education via cooperation with industry.

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union.

Financing on this page are funded by the European Union. 

Closed call

Application deadline for 2020 was 26 February.

Contact and support

Programme countries:
All EU-member countries and Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Serbia, Turkey and Macedonia

Partner countries:
Other countries ( as stated in programme guide )

Summary of action

The Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances action will be funding transnational, structured and result-driven projects, notably between higher education and business. The partners share common goals and work together towards mutually beneficial results and outcomes. The Knowledge Alliances are meant to have a short and long-term impact on the wide range of stakeholders involved, at individual, organizational and systemic level. Knowledge Alliances target the cooperation between organizations established in programme countries. Organizations from partner countries can be involved in a Knowledge Alliance as partners if their participation brings an essential added value to the project.

Knowledge Alliances support projects that are;

  • Boosting innovation in higher education, business and in the broader socio-economic environment;
  • Developing entrepreneurship mind-set and skills;
  • Stimulating the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education and enterprises.

Application and deadline

Application deadline for 2020 was 26 February at 17.00 CET. All applications for projects coordinated by KTH must be handled by EDO/IRO and signed by the Vice President for Global relations.


Publication of the call for proposals - November 2019
E-form Guidelines published - Tentative
Deadline for submission of project abstract and school approval to EDO/IRO - 8 January 2020
Deadline for complete project proposal to EDO/IRO - 10 February 2020
Deadline for submission from EDO/IRO to EACEA - 26February 2020
Notification of selection results - July/August 2020
Start date of action - 1 November 2020 or 1 January 2021

Process for preparation of project proposal

  1. Contact your School/Department Management and Administration in order to ensure internal support to the initiative;
  2. Prepare a Project Abstract (docx 68 kB)  and Skolans medgivande_Knowledge Alliances_sv_eng2019.docx (docx 62 kB)  and forward the signed documents to IRO;
  3. Contact the Programme Action coordinator Mette Svensson  at IRO for technical details and support activities related to the writing of the project proposal. Since only two project proposals coordinated by the same institution will be allowed, it’s very important that you inform IRO as soon as possible about your intention to submit a project under this Key Action sub-programme. A last minute submission might result in an internal rejection of the proposal in case other projects of the same kind to be coordinated by KTH have already been submitted and approved internally;
  4. Submit the complete project proposal to IRO 12 February 2020 in order to allow enough time for the signature process (if coordinating) and final quality check of the proposal and amendments (if coordinating)