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Partnerships for Excellence

The Partnerships for Excellence support projects with a long-term sustainable perspective. For KTH, the applicable strand is "Erasmus+ Teacher Academies", aiming to improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession and to ensure high-quality initial education, continuous professional development for teachers, educators and school leaders. Erasmus+ Teacher Academies are expected to enhance the European dimension and internationalisation of teacher education, providing closer co-operation between teacher education providers, paving the way towards structural partnerships and joint programmes between institutions.

Summary of action


Pia Schmitt
Rådgivare internat. projekt

pisc@kth.se , +4687906945

The overall obejctive of this action is to create European partnerships of teacher education and training providers to set up Erasmus+ Teacher Academies that will develop a European and international outlook in teacher education and improve the attractiveness of the teaching profession. These Academies will embrace multilingualism and cultural diversity, develop teacher education including digital and green skills as well as embedded mobility (virtual, physical and blended) in order to ensure high-quality initial education and continous proefssional development for teachers, educators and school leaders. 

The focus will be on establishing sustainable collaborations, networks and communities between teacher education providers with an impact to the quality of innovative teacher education in Europe. The primary goal is to develop and deliver joint, innovative and effective learning modules with a strong European dimension on teacher education and for teacher competences.

Application and deadline 2022

7 September 2022 at 17:00 (CET)

Process for preparation of project proposal

1. Contact your School/Department Management and Administration in order to ensure internal support to the initiative;

2. Prepare a Project abstract and School approval and forward the signed documents to IRO at least 6 weeks befroe the submission deadline; School approval (docx 115 kB)

3. Contact the Programme Action coordinator at KTH for technical details and support activities related to the writing of the project proposals;

4. Collect the Mandates from the project partners (generated automatically by the application portal);

5. Submit the final draft of the project proposal to IRO at least 2 weeks befroe the submission deadline in order to allow enough time for the signature process (if needed) and final quality check of the proposal and amendments (if needed);

6. Send mandate/s and, when KTH will submit the proposal, the Declaration of Honour to IRO for signatures.

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