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  • Snart är det "Inlämning av bidrag" 21 sep - 20 nov

    Publicerad 2020-09-16

    Perioden för inlämning av bidrag är mellan 21 september och 20 november 2020. Fullständigt paper krävs inte för denna konferens.

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  • Inbjudna talare till SoTL 2021

    Publicerad 2020-06-16
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  • Next SoTL conference is on March 10th 2021

    Publicerad 2020-03-31

    Save the date

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  • The next KTH SoTL conference will be held in 2021.

    Publicerad 2020-01-07
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  • Evaluation

    Publicerad 2019-05-21

    The evaluation is distributed and we would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts to help us make an even better conference next time.

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  • Updated program 190327

    Publicerad 2019-03-21
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  • A two minute film with our main speaker, Arjen Wals.

    Publicerad 2019-02-19
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  • The review period is over.

    Publicerad 2019-02-04

    The review period is over and the result will be distributed to the authors on February 5-6.

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  • EuroSoTL 2019, 13-14 June 2019. Call for abstracts ends on Jan 20.

    Publicerad 2019-01-11

    Website EuroSoTL 2019. https://www.ehu.eus/en/web/eurosotl-2019/aurkezpena

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  • The period for submission of abstracts is ended.

    Publicerad 2019-01-11

    The period for submission of abstracts is ended and the review process will start on January 14th.

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  • We are happy to see the abstracts coming in!

    Publicerad 2018-12-18

    Only 4 days to go, last day for submission is on Friday 21 of December.

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  • Deadline for abstract is postponed to December 21

    Publicerad 2018-12-06

    Deadline for submission of abstract is postponed to December 21, 2018.

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  • Assessment criteria

    Publicerad 2018-11-19

    The assessment criteria are published on the website "Author info"

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  • Pr A Wals has accepted to be the keynote speaker at KTH SoTL

    Publicerad 2018-10-04

    We welcome Pr. A Was from Wageningen University & Research. He is a Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at the Ed...

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  • T. Roxå conducts a workshop at the conference

    Publicerad 2018-09-10

    We are pleased to announce that Torgny Roxå from Lund University conducts a workshop at this conference within the subject Collegiality as organisatio...

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  • Last minute update before the application form opens

    Publicerad 2018-09-07

    Registration will open soon! We are working on the latest updates of the system and hope that the application system will work perfectly on Monday.

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  • Save the date, March 2019, for SoTL conference

    Publicerad 2018-06-18

    The third conference of KTH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is being planned. Save the date for the conference in your calender. The conference i...

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