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Non-personal mail addresses

Here are e-mail addresses to a support function within the professional support and the school's management. They are monitored by staff who are designated to handle and answer individual cases within the functional area.


Head of School and Deputy Head of School:

Head of Administration:

ITM Management Group:
(Heads of School, Head of admin, FA, GA, Heads of departments, FFA, Head of Service Center)

School's Management Group:
(Heads of School, Head of admin, FA, GA, Head of Service Center)

Heads of Departments (incl. Head of Administration):

Administration Management Group (AL):

Operations Controllers (VhC):

Heads of units, faculty:

Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA):

Director of Third Cycle Education (FA):

Educational Administration Manager (UA):

The Crisic Group ITM:

Management Communications:

Professional Support

Service Center:

Service Center Södertälje:
Administration, study coucelling, education administration, examination questions at HPU

HR Team:

Travel bills:

Financial Team:

Accounting Manager:

EU administration:

Communications Team:

Centre communication:

Student issues: 

First and second cycle education support:

Documents and filing:

Environment Representative:



Machine Design:  ​​​​​​

Materials Science and Engineering:  

Sustainable Production Development:  

Belongs to: Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM)
Last changed: Mar 30, 2022