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Finance Department at ABE.

Please contact the Finance Administration regarding EFH, supplier invoices, customer billing, inventory.

Funktion email Finance Administration:

Finance Manager

Accounting officer

Lars Österman
Lars Österman
finance group manager 087908659


Ana Brené - Phone: 6108
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Juan Grafeuille (AFF,AFP,AFR,AFT,AFQ) - Phone: 7310
Nasrulo Azizov (AFB, AFK) - Anknytning: 9425
Address: Teknikringen 74D


Liudmila Lindell  - Phone: 8660
Anastasia Skogberg - Phone: 8522
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Philosophy and History

Linda Berg - Phone: 8927
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Real Estate and Construction Management

Elena Paderina - Phone: 9461
Address: Teknikringen 74D


Linda Berg (ALG, ALK, ALL) - Phone: 8927
Hanna Eriksson (ALH, ALI) - Phone: 6029
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Urban Planning and Environment

Nasrulo Azizov - Phone: 9425
Address: Teknikringen 74D

Finance Administration

Barbro Hallås - Phone: 7983
Tina Thoor - Phone: 9469
Address: Teknikringen 72D