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The President has appointed tf. Head of School and 1st and 2nd Vice Head of School

The President has appointed Vice Head of School Anna Delin to tf. Head of SCI School. Also 1st and 2nd Vice Head of School have been appointed.

News about the reorganisation of the SCI departments

The reorganisation process of departments of Aeronautical & Vehicle Engineering, Solid Mechanics and Mechanics during Autumn 2019.

Göran Gustafsson Symposium in Mathematics

Jean-Pierre Eckman, Gérard Ben Arous, and Martin Hairer will organize three thematic days at KTH on the topics "Mathematics in Biology", "The ant in the labyrinth, or anomalous diffusion at criticality", and "Bridging Scales" June 12-14. Most welcome!

Petter Brändén recieves Göran Gustafsson prize in Mathematics

Petter Brändén has been assigned the 2019 (senior) Göran Gustafsson prize in Mathematics.
He will receive a total of 5,1 Mkr (in three years) towards his research group and a personal prize of 250.000 sek.

Congratulations to Petter for a well deserved prize!

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