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School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

Internal pages for employees at SCI School. Please note the difference between the local SCI web navigation menu to the left and the top KTH intranet menu shown above.

Latest news 

SCI School’s reform agenda: work environment and faculty renewal

"We have already made significant progress in recruiting top-tier faculty members, thanks to our increasingly high reputation. Now is the time to work towards even more sustainable and stable working conditions and work environment, while continuing our commitment to diversity and gender balance." In her third, and final blog post about the SCI School's new reform agenda, focuses Sandra Di Rocco on improving our work and study environments, and promoting sustainable faculty renewal.

Building on our success

The KTH schools have developed their own reform agendas. SCI has a focus on education, research and faculty renewal with efficient use of resources. Head of School Sandra Di Rocco is committed to creating a sustainable and attractive working environment for both staff and students.

Gunnar Tibert awarded the 2024 Borelius medal

The 2024 Borelius medal has been awarded to Gunnar Tibert for “his significant contributions to the school’s education through his forward-looking, supportive, and analytical leadership”.

Everything is new, and just as usual

Erik Edstam, Head of Administration at SCI writes about the importance of co-operation with and understanding for departments and school management in the University Administration.

School Information 


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