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School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

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Interviewing Maurice Duits, appointed as professor in Mathematics

Maurice has recently been appointed as a professor in mathematics. We interviewed him, to get an insight into the new role as well as his professional background.

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Talking to Jonatan Lenells who was promoted to professor of Mathematics

Jonatan Carl Anders Lenells has been promoted to professor in mathematics starting from this summer. We talked to him regarding his promotion.

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Interview with Abbas Dashtimanesh, appointed as assistant professor

Abbas Dashtimanesh has been appointed as an assistant professor in naval architecture, starting from the 22nd of November. Occasioned by his arrival at KTH, Abbas talked to us about his career and background and shared his plans for the future.

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Advanced Light Microscopy Lab at SciLifeLab

The team of the SCI newsletter has visited the ALM at SciLife Lab and talked with a team of leading scientists in the field of light microscopy, experts in various equipment located in the lab.

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Akademiska Hus will reintroduce parking fees from 1 January 2022

From 2022-01-01 parking fees will be reintroduced on KTH's Campus!

How the RAE 2021 findings will help KTH’s development

In RAE 2021, KTH’s research was reviewed and evaluated by 90 invited international experts. Their recommendations have been compiled in a series of twelve reports that provide important information for the future development of KTH’s research. These can be seen in prioritized activities in the operational plan for 2022, which KTH’s President Sigbritt Karlsson recently finalized.

How the RAE 2021 findings will help KTH’s development read here

Implementation of results here

Expert reports here

Reporting incidents, risks and injuries made easier

The process for reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries at KTH is now simpler. In the new IA-system (Information System about Work Environment), the previous manual system is replaced with a digital system.

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Information for employees

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At the end of each month, the SCI school's newsletter is published. Read about important information and news articles.

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Safety and crisis management - important phone numbers

112 (SOS Alarm)

to reach ambulance, police, emergency services / fire brigade, poison information, on-call doctor.

KTH's Emergency number 08-790 77 00

for urgent events such as serious accidents, threats and fire occuring at KTH premises or affecting KTH.

KTH's Security number 08-790 9900

for reporting theft, burglary, safety issues and to contact the security guards in the campus area.

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