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School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

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At the end of each month, the SCI school's newsletter is published. Read about important information and news articles.

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How can we improve the teaching?

Rami Mansour, researcher, and Bo Alfredsson, Director of Undergraduate studies, Department of Engineering mechanics, share their teaching.

Superconductors can revolutionize how we use electricity

There is a direct connection to the American discovery and what a research group at the SCI school is working on. Researcher Oscar Tjernberg explains. 

Impact at SCI school

SCI Case for support

- Do you need external funding for your existing or your future project?

50 million to SCI research center

Congratulations to Pär Olsson, whose research center “Sustainable Nuclear Research in Sweden (SUNRISE)” is one of four research centers awarded SEK 50 million each by The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research in the Agenda 2030 Research Centers (SSF-ARC) call. The purpose of the initiative is to find solutions to some of the UN's Agenda 2030 goals. The goal of SUNRISE is to perform research, design and safety analysis for a potential future Swedish lead-cooled research reactor.

KTH leads major investments in sustainable energy technology  (In Swedish)

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Safety and crisis management - important phone numbers

112 (SOS Alarm)

to reach ambulance, police, emergency services / fire brigade, poison information, on-call doctor.

KTH's Emergency number 08-790 77 00

for urgent events such as serious accidents, threats and fire occuring at KTH premises or affecting KTH.

KTH's Security number 08-790 9900

for reporting theft, burglary, safety issues and to contact the security guards in the campus area.

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