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Safety representatives

Employers and employees work together to create a good working environment. The employer has the main responsibility for the work environment and the safety representative (SKO) is the employee's elected representative in health and safety matters. Together they work to counteract ill-health and accidents at work.

Senior Safety representative SCI

Name Phone email area
Ann-Britt Öhman 08-790 66 38 Mathematics
Göran Rådberg 08-790 75 51 Solid Mechanics
Per Sköld 070-770 11 36 Physics
Erik Edstam 08-790 84 92 Dean's Office, Education adm
Examination adm, Teknikringen 8
Vacant - - AVE, Mechanics & Solid Mech
Jonas Vikström 08-790 75 38 Workshops at Mechanics

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